A Glimpse Into The Todos Santos Vibe - Instagram Style

This town has a special vibe that makes you just fall in love with the place. It has it all!
Art, history, perfect weather, amazing sunsets, a growing international community, exotic food, incredible beaches, an oasis in the desert.

They say a picture speaks more than a thousand words, so I’ve selected a few of my Instagram photos to show you what it is like to live in this Baja Paradise.

One of my favorite coffee shops in town is @Taller17TodosSantos. Juliana makes the best cinnamon rolls in the area; plus, coffee is great to start a busy day or give a stroll downtown.

Punta Lobos beach is well known for its extensive beach and amazing sunsets.  You can have a cocktail and relax on the infinite pool of @HotelSanCristobal. If you get lucky, you might see some whales in the right season!

Each day, Todos Santos has amazing sunsets no matter where you’re at.
Prepare yourself to watch the sky turn a colorful palette: Red, orange, pink, purple, yellow. It will never cease to amaze you.

Downtown is just so colorful and colonial. Todos Santos is a “Pueblo Mágico”, meaning that some regulations won’t permit to construct tall buildings, shopping malls, noisy bars or big stores. Keep it simple!

Ride your bike all the way to Punta Lobos on the special trail behind the award-winning restaurant  @Jazamango.  The landscape is just so amazing and instagramable.  No bikes? You can rent them @OverTheEdgeBaja since 8 a.m.

Todos Santos has an extensive list of restaurants with remarkable chefs and exotic flavors. @cafe_la_esquina is a perfect spot to work, have brunch, or just grab a gourmet sandwich to go.

Todos Santos has a couple of surfing beaches.  Cerritos is famous for its waves. Only 15 minutes south of town.

Todos Santos is surrounded by beautiful beaches. My favorite is “Playa Las Palmas”, situated about 10 minutes south of Todos Santos. Make sure you pack everything for your beach adventure. There is nothing else around than sand, waves, rocks, sun, and vegetation.

There you go! If you’re looking for a quiet place for holidays, Todos Santos has to be your next destination.  The feel of a small town with a high lifestyle makes it perfect to spend some days in a quiet place.  If I had to describe Todos Santos in few words, I would use my friend Jordi Almeida’s words: “Hippie Chic”. Love it!

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¡Hasta pronto!

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About The Author
Alejandro Mitre

Like many, ready to escape the fast paced life; congestion and traffic of the vibrant capitol of México, Mexico City, Alex moved to Todos Santos to continue his career as a Real Estate agent for THE AGENCY. The near perfect weather, culinary reputation, enchanting landscapes, international community and potential for development made it a no brainer to move to this Pueblo Mágico . With a proficient experience leading successful sales teams, creating and running national and international marketing campaigns, and as an agent of public relations for exclusive and luxury brands, Alex is the perfect choice to represent a buyer or seller. With his high energy personality, and a natural ability with personal relationships, he is ready to shake the Todos Santos market. His international work experiences have made him completely fluent in Spanish, English and French, giving him a multi-cultural working background. In his spare time, he is usually seen walking around Todos Santos with his Jack Russell, Max; camping throughout Baja beaches and mountains; chasing discs as a Pro Ultimate Frisbee Player or riding on early mornings his mountain bike to Punta Lobos. Alex is a consummate professional who can help you realize your investment or lifestyle in Todos Santos.