When someone mentions Cabo, white sand beaches, golf, and margaritas are usually what come to mind, but it is all that and so much more. It recently has been getting accolades for its coastal cuisine, modern architecture, and there is a new wave of young artists popping up. These artists are extremely talented, bringing new perspectives to traditional Mexican Art while paying homage to the greats that came before them.


Mexico has a long history of artists. Many of their life stories are as intriguing as their work. We all have heard of Frida Kahlo and her love affair with Diego Rivera. Frida’s self-portraits have taken on a cult-like following and can be seen printed on everything from T-shirts to tote bags. I’m not sure how she would feel about that.


Leonora was born in England but spent most of her life and career in Mexico. She is not as well known in today’s culture, but she is considered one of the leading female artists of the 20th century.

Once at Los Cabos, please stop by Puerto Los Cabos where you will be able to enjoy an unforgettable art exhibit of Leonora’s impressive artwork while walking along this beautiful marina.


Although maybe less people know Jose Guadalupe Posada’s name, this Mexican painter and caricaturist, was famous for his lithographs with death scenes, popular prints and social caricatures, inspired by folklore.

His work covers multiple themes, including the famous “calaveras” or images from beyond the grave; “disasters”, which include natural catastrophes (floods, epidemics, astronomical events, births of monstrous beings), accidents, supernatural events, crimes and suicides; the “examples” or moral lessons that can be drawn from human perversity and bestiality; social and political events, including executions and revolutionary “corridos”; religious miracles; the series called Don Chepito, which narrates the misfortunes of a bachelor, the misadventures of a bachelor and the “bestiary” of a bachelor, the “bestiaries” of a bachelor, the “bestiaries” of a bachelor and the “bestiality” of a bachelor; social and political events, where the vignettes referring to executions and revolutionary “corridos” stand out; religious miracles; the series called Don Chepito, which narrates the misfortunes of a ridiculous bachelor, a sort of antihero; as well as the images captured from everyday life with unequaled precision and accurate intention.

Jose Guadalupe Posadas’ art and engravings are iconic and still influence artists today.


Friday, Diego & Jose, are just a few of the artists that are still influential in today’s art world. Throughout history, Mexican artists have shaped and been influential in international art as we know it. Now you can love and admire Mexico beyond its majestic beaches and amazing cuisine. Admire it for its rich art history and its part in cultivating art as we know it today. Here is a top ten of Mexico’s most iconic artists.

A good place to check out some of Los Cabos aspiring artists is at the San Jose Art Walk on Thursday nights.

Enrique Bascon is Spanish born but calls San Jose del Cabo home. You can see his love for Mexico through his work.
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Victor Payán was born in Culiacán City, Sinaloa, México and raised in Baja Sur. Victor takes photographs of the Baja coast and terrain with his iPhone and then uses them as inspiration. Rather than painting exactly like the photo, he imagines what the scenery looked like years before it had been developed. Victor’s work can be found on his Instagram account (@victorpayancsl).

Francisco Murillo graduated from the Center of Architecture, Art, and Design of the University of Guadalajara. He is dedicated to photography and digital art.

Now that you have been inspired to check out these talented artists, you are going need a home to hang all your amazing art in. Here are a few to choose from: Casa Linda 32 and Casa 105

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