From weighing up the benefits of different design specifications to personal choices such as color, picking a front door for your home is not as easy as it may seem.

When buying a front door, there are some important questions you may want to ask yourself:

What style of door is best?

From traditional panel doors to elaborate wooden designs, there is always going to be a wide variety of choices for you. Your front door will be the first impression guests have of your home, so it is something important to get right! The design style you choose will either complement the rest of your home or feel slightly off. 

To make sure you nail the style, consider the overall vibe of your home. From colors to character, consider how your new front door could match these characteristics.

Will the door do its job properly?

Ultimately, there are three main factors to consider when choosing a front door:

  • Security. Is it made from a tough material that will keep unwanted intruders out of your home? Also, check if it includes any special locks. If you can, make sure your hinges are unexposed.
  • Energy efficiency. Pay particular attention to this if you live in a cold area. Do the material and design of the door lend themselves to retaining as much heat as possible in your home? Watch out for the ENERGY STAR label, which means it meets energy-efficiency standards created by the US Department of Energy.
  • Style. As mentioned above, style is an important choice when it comes to your front door. Picking your material will be key to your style. Wood gives you a chance to express yourself with a beautifully-carved door, but will need extra protection from the elements. Fiberglass doors are energy efficient, and offer the flexibility to be painted in any color.
House on blueprints with a choice of windows and doors

Should your door swing in or out?

In general, exterior doors swing inwards. However, you might want to consider an outward-swinging door in areas prone to hurricanes or high gusts of wind. This helps to protect your home in case high winds force your door out of place.

However, do be aware that outward-swinging doors can offer you less security in the way of exposed hinges.

Should you consider a steel door?

Although wood might be the most popular option, steel doors are often considered the most secure. In the south of the country, they offer better protection against strong sunlight and heavy rain/winds. 

Choosing steel doesn’t have to mean sacrificing on style, either! Nowadays, you can pick a high-definition, decorative panel that does a great job of mimicking the finish of a wooden door.

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In collaboration with The Agency Los Cabos and Jack Vale, a writer from Happy Writers, Co.

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