Kitchens On-Trend: Elevated Features for 2021

The wow, spark, and sizzle of any kitchen comes down to design, and this year’s trends are adding a particular snap, crackle, and pop to kitchens everywhere.

It’s been said that the kitchen is the heartbeat of a home–the gathering place where loved ones amass to share a meal, snack, cocktail, espresso, and everything else in between. A place where happiness comes by way of Saturday morning pancakes needs tender loving care, and these trend ideas will help dedicated kitchen dwellers keep the good times rolling.

If You Love Your Kitchen, You Should Have One Outdoors

Cooking in an outdoor kitchen is an out-of-body experience that turns cooking into an entirely different experience. It’s important to note that this is far more than just grilling. Think stainless steel refrigerators, cabinetry, dishwashers, and sinks. Then add a smoker, multi-fuel grill, pizza oven, and a fireplace to top it off. Top designers from across the country predict that boring kitchens are out and that spices of all different flavors will define outdoor kitchen decor. Organic finishes, bold coloring, and a robust creative touch will make cooking outside the new normal.

Outdoor cooking & grilling area at Casa Escondida

A Return to Rustic Design

The signs of the times all point to a return to the kitchen’s natural state. The road back to the way it was is made of gorgeous wood finishes of all hues, smoothed to perfection. For those that want to go all the way back to nature, wood finishes can be used on islands, refrigerators, cabinets, and trim. If your love for rustic design isn’t quite quenched with walls and countertops, adding rustic accessories and furniture should bring you across the finish line. Clay pots, a touch of wicker, wooden bowls, and some indoor sprouts are a few additions that bring out the best of rustic design points.

Rustic kitchen at Casa Artesana

 The End of the Match

Unsurprisingly, 2021 is the year that is pushing humanity to put it all together and make something beautiful. And when it comes to this year’s kitchen designs, we see a variety of natural woods and textures being synchronically arranged to create a diverse kitchen masterpiece. This means that stainless steel and timber can marry in your kitchen and dazzle the guests that witness their harmony. Throwing concrete into the mix is also allowed in a year where freedom, rebirth, and rejuvenation will reign supreme.

Modern Meets Mealtime

Technology has come to the kitchen and today’s top-tier appliances are now both smart and beautiful, along with efficient. Automation is the key, and smart appliances can connect with each other and your mobile device to give you insight into the inner workings of your kitchen’s functionality. Smart refrigerators can now help you plan your meals, share photos and connect to your smartphone for consistent monitoring. Modern appliances are also sleek in design, and the naked kitchen is a modern style that seamlessly blends commonly bulky appliances into kitchen walls.

State-of-the-art Kitchen at Playa De La Paz 406

2021 is the Year of the Creative Kitchen

From kitchen larders to painting your kitchen ceiling, 2021 is most definitely the year of the creative kitchen. Adding your own style is encouraged, and anyone will be able to find a design identity in this year’s vast book of trends. Individuality, organic tones, raw materials, and pops of color are for the taking to those who dare to enter the golden age of the cookroom.


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