Welcome to Casa Hogar, a safe haven and a full-time home for young kids located in Cabos San Lucas.

Photo Courtesy: Casa Hogar Cabo

And what a privilege it was to have spent time with these loving kids.

Casa Hogar houses about 30 children, ages 4 to 18, full-time. They have a large outdoor playing area for sports and recreation where we saw some of the kids playing soccer, basketball, and skateboarding. The loving and caring staff gave us a tour of the residences and showed us the excellent program they have created to infuse hope, health, safety, academics, and enjoyment for a better future.

On our visit, we donated food, office supplies, and craft kits for the kids. As soon as the craft station was set up, I was so impressed by how the kids ran to the station and participated with such friendly enthusiasm. It was so much fun.

We set out to give back to our community, but we walked away with so much more. Jayson, the director of Casa Hogar, and these kids welcomed us in and made us feel right at home. This is truly a special place with a big heart.

If you have never been or have never heard of Casa Hogar, I highly encourage you to check them out at www.casahogarcabo.com. You can also watch the Netflix movie Blue Miracle at it is based on the story of the home.

If you would like to donate, visit CASA HOGAR CABO or CLICK HERE for donation options.

Gabriela Digiuseppe


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