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Congratulations! You have an accepted offer… Now what?

Most real estate transactions will add a contingency of a home inspection as part of the due diligence period.  Sellers take this seriously as this could be the difference between moving forward with the sale or losing it all together. 

Let’s face it, we sometimes put off the TODO list with respect to home repairs, but once you have listed your home, the MacGyver approach is no longer viable.  A friendly suggestion is to have everything repaired well before you list your home and certainly if you have an accepted offer.  Let’s dig in with some suggestions so you can pass the inspection with flying colors. 

Schedule your inspection after the maid, gardener, and pool team has completed their work to ensure everything is clean and presentable.  Do not have anyone cleaning during the inspection.  It is common the Purchaser(s) will be present during the inspection and they may follow the Inspector around to make sure everything is in order. 

A few days before the inspection, check all the remotes and ensure the batteries are fresh.  Test everything with a remote such as the garage door opener, ACs, TVs, Sound systems, speakers, fans, firepits, fountains, etc.  Check that all the light bulbs are working and have a few on hand just in case they burn out on the day of inspection.

A few weeks before the inspection, it’s time to crawl into the spaces you rarely go. 

Pool room/utility room/storage room:  Clean out these areas of old pumps or other equipment that are no longer useful.  Check all the valves and pipes are labeled neatly, do not leak and are in perfect working order.  Check the hot water tank is functioning and in good repair.  Ensure the pool heater and the pressure tank on the pump works. Turn on your pool light, and make sure it is luminated.  If you have a spa, test out the spa from the computer and the spa call button.  Verify the jets are all functioning.   An unused fountain may not turn on easily, so test it out and have it running during the inspection.  Inspect the septic system or treatment plant and the connections to the irrigation system to ensure they are in working order.

Don’t forget to fill the propane tanks for the Inspector to be able to ascertain all the appliances and systems that require propane are functioning.  It would be a good time for a coat of paint in these rooms, especially if there are past humidity issues and sweep out all the unwanted debris. 

Check the water purification system and be able to produce the service records.  If you do not have any service records, might be time to have your water purification serviced so you can show the inspector it was done recently.

Speaking of water, when is the last time you looked inside your water cistern.  Make sure the top of the cistern is secured tightly and inside the cistern is clean. 

Open up the electrical panel(s).  Repair any items of concern and ensure all the breakers are labeled and in working order. If the cover is rusted, have it either replaced, or sanded and painted.  Check that all the electrical outlets work, and there are proper covers on all boxes. 

Check out all the drains, faucets, and ensure all the plumbing is in perfect order. 

If you have the manuals of any equipment, or items under warranty safeguard them and keep them separate for the new owners.

Check for termites.  If you do not get regular termite fumigation, there could be an issue you just have not even seen.  Luckily, majority of the structures are cement, and they will not compromise the integrity of the structure, however, Purchasers get very nervous when a report comes back with termites, even though it is quite common. 

Service the ACs with a certified specialist. They will top up the gas and make sure the compressors and units are in perfect working order.  Have the remotes close to each unit so they can be easily accessed. 

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Check up on your roof for visible signs of concern.  Usually, we have yearly waterproofing done, so it’s time to make sure your roof is sound.  If you have solar panels on the roof, have them cleaned and working at optimal capacity.  If there are some areas on the roof that look suspect, address these problems, but also check the ceilings and walls inside and repair any issues as needed.

Chances are when you listed your home, you have attended to all the deferred maintenance, but have a look around with the eyes of a Purchaser to see if there is anything that is needing attention such as cupboard doors, windows, screens, doors, appliances, BBQ, and overall condition of the house. 

If all this seems overwhelming, and you want to be completely prepared, have a pre-inspection done when the temperature is getting hot on an offer.  It might be the best money you have ever spent on your home.  These are just a few suggestions to make the home inspection more successful.  We are here to help you every step of the way and offer a professional and comprehensive market evaluation in Los Cabos to sell your home for the best price.  Call, email, text us for more information. 

Lisa Torres is a full-time resident in Los Cabos and works with The Agency Los Cabos. 

Contact her at Lisa@TheAgencyLosCabos.com or call +52 624 147 0514

Lisa Torres


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