For me before purchasing real estate in Los Cabos, I needed to know if there was any real mountain biking. Fortunately, less than a mile from the roundabout leading to the airport in San Jose Del Cabo sits the staging/parking area to a world-class mountain bike park.

The Bike Park SanJo MTB has over 40 kilometers of trails zig-zagging across jeep roads that lead up to the Sierra De La Laguna Mountain range. And if riding dirt roads is your thing, these roads connect you throughout southern Baja, with endless opportunities to put together epic adventures.

Overall the trails are intermediate, there are a couple of beginner trails at the lower end that make a great starter loop. And there are a couple of advanced trails near the top of the mapped area. The trail builders have added numerous features for advanced riders! There are always routes around the features, so no trail is impossible to descend.

The fauna and flora of the area are magnificent. Deer, rabbit, fox, a variety of birds can be seen, and the flora is also spectacular, just stay on the trail as there are potential hazards out there. Including the cactus and reptiles.

There is a large map at the base of the park, best to take a picture of it before heading out for the first time. There are also a few signs along the way, however, it’s best to download and use the app called Trail Forks. There you will find easy maps to follow. Including the maps to other trail networks.

Within a couple of hours’ drive, are several other well-developed trail networks, including Los Barriles, Todos Santos, and La Ventana. These trails are built and maintained by mountain bikers, so even though the trails are ideal for hiking or running beware bikers have the right of way in Mexico.

Most of the other bikers down here are locals riding some high-end mountain bikes. I ride a 27.5 hardtail with 3-inch tires, which handles like a Jeep. Full suspension is great and needed in some of the other networks.

There are a few bike shops that have clubs that are responsible for the trail building. They also run bike clinics encouraging young riders into the sport. Some of these shops rent quality bikes, however, if you are traveling down, you won’t regret bringing your own bike.

Please reach out if you have any questions or want to get together to ride. Seriously, I would love to take you out and show off these networks! Besides riding bikes, my other activities include standup paddleboarding, snorkeling, scuba, and hunting the ultimate authentic taco.

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