The amount of people celebrating thanksgiving this year in their new home in Los Cabos is outstanding and we can’t blame them. After what we have been through in the past couple of years it makes total sense to fall to our desire of owning a piece of paradise. The word we all can agree best describes this magic place, the main reason why Los Cabos Real Estate is booming. Nevertheless, we have to be aware of how blessed we are and how we get to enjoy what this area, and the rest of the world, has to offer and join forces to preserve it for the generations to come.

A couple of weeks ago I had this great opportunity to swim with orcas in the wild, their natural habitat. It was a mind-blowing experience that I wish more people have the chance to witness as it somehow connects you to your surroundings. Being there helpless in the vast blue ocean with the apex predator made me think we need to re-organize the way we interact with Mother Earth.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime encounter that I hope I will have the chance to live again in the future. And that’s what makes me anxious, I love being in nature and I am always worried probably I will not be able to see it all and not because our time on earth is limited, but because we are devastating the environment. In our expedition, Vanessa Prigollini joined us. Producer of the documentary Contrasts. She specializes in orcas on the west coast of Canada. She had us all fascinated by facts about these majestic creatures but at the same time, I was concerned about how they can become endangered, as they are in many parts of the world and most of the time because of humans.

The world has this amazing capability to reinvent itself, we are not that important but we can’t deny the impact we have as a human race on the earth, and the signs are visible everywhere we go. It is despairing to see dying coral reefs, how the weather has changed in the past decades, and to see trash and plastic on the most remotes places in Baja. Everything is connected, we should start honoring our customs and be truly thankful and present of what Mother Nature has to offer us without asking for anything in return. We are only fooling ourselves.

Whether if you believe in climate change or not, let’s make all of us a favor to ourselves and be more conscious about everything we do. Every single action you take, every single product you buy, everything has an impact. Nowadays at the age of information, it is very hard to address what party is telling the truth, if we are regenerating or not, but we can all acknowledge we have this responsibility with our generations to come. Regardless of your culture, religion, age, or way of thinking, let’s celebrate and be thankful for what the environment has given us and hopefully will keep doing.

“I’m not lucky, I’m blessed”.

Jorge Macías


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Roberto Castañeda
10 months ago

Undoubtedly! As one of the most conscious beings on this planet, we are responsible for preserving it. And, as you wrote, nature reinvents itself. Life on Earth will prevail with or without us, humans. So it’s our own safety the one that hangs by a thread.

Thanks for sharing, Jorge. And keep on the good (and conscious) work everywhere you go!