Thousands of Dollars Lost in Cabo Real Estate

Buyers beware! Investing in a property in Cabo is everybody’s dream. However, many Buyers are losing thousands of dollars by not working with a qualified real estate advisor or what is also known as a “Buyer´s rep.”. What many Buyers don´t realize is that using a qualified real estate advisor will not cost the Buyer a dime but rather save the Buyer thousands of dollars. As with many other markets, the standard policy in Cabo real estate is that the Seller pays the commission which is often split between the Seller´s Rep and the Buyer´s Rep. If there is an agent involved on the Seller´s side, why would a Buyer also need an agent? Well, if you think about it, a Seller is always going to try to get as much money for their property as possible. Buying directly from the Seller without using a qualified real estate advisor will often lead a Buyer to over pay or settle for a less desired property.

Purchasing a property in Cabo can be tricky. It is a complicated market. The majority of transactions are carried out between international Buyers and Sellers which require the use of investment vehicles such as a Trust or a shell company. The closing process is also complicated and, in some cases, can be prolonged up to 6 months. Obtaining a clean title requires certain due diligence that a qualified real estate advisor will perform as part of their service at no cost to the Buyer. Not to mention the property inspection process, which is highly recommended.

Choosing not to work with a qualified real estate advisor will not save you any money but may cost you thousands of dollars. As the Seller will pay the commission, your real estate advisor will work for you yet get paid by the Seller. A qualified real estate advisor will perform a thorough market analysis, provide you with a valuation of the property, perform a comprehensive due diligence on the property and help you carry out the contracts and closings in a legal and safe manner.

In any business transaction, having an advisor by your side is always beneficial. So why would you not have one when purchasing a dream home or making a large investment in real estate? We call this a “no brainer”.

Mauricio Rivero


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