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Time and again, dear reader, blog after blog, you are asked to envision your perfect dream home among all the Real Estate that Cabo San Lucas offers. You are presented with beautiful photos of Cabo that entice and, sometimes, beguile.  As humans, it is in our nature to dream and many of us DREAM BIG.

It is the Sun, sand, surf, temperate climate, and local cuisine that often act as the protagonist in these dreams.  We envision ourselves surrounded by the incomparable natural beauty of Cabo, carefree, enjoying all that the community and environs offer, such as exceptional restaurants and local bars, secluded beaches, or bustling nightlife in town.  All of these play their part in our dreams of calling Los Cabos home and owning Los Cabos Real Estate.  How grateful we should be for this backdrop and, indeed, we are.

Medano Beach: Featuring breathtaking views of the distinctive rock formation at Land’s End…

The past year our world community has suffered through a pandemic that pummeled each of us to a point where dreams were few and we were pushed toward sobering and exhausting wakefulness.  Cabo San Lucas, while hit badly, persevered and has emerged from the pandemic ready to reclaim its rightful destination status. 

The greatest Cabo San Lucas resource – its people – drew slow, steady breaths and the area is now waking from its forced slumber.  Houses for sale in Cabo San Lucas continue to be desirable. As much now, as they were pre-pandemic.

This awakening can be seen in the steady rise in the return of tourists and those seeking to purchase the available inventory of houses for sale in Cabo San Lucas.  Claudette Covey, writing for TrailPulse.com, states that March 2021 saw a 99.6% increase of visitors to Cabo San Lucas over March 2020 and there is a 22.2% increase in air travel seats scheduled over the next few months.  The beauty and desirability of Cabo San Lucas and the Real Estate industry continue to draw people and many are looking to purchase this incredible area, -soon to be called- their home.  Cabo San Lucas condos for sale remain some of the most sought-after residences due to providing owners with great freedom and enjoyment.

Together, the stunning natural beauty of Cabo San Lucas, make up the biggest draws to come here but it is the locals who remain the true heroes of our town – those who maintain the honorable jobs of maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping, puppeteers, and all street vendors, servers, municipal workers and the many others who proudly work serving the community at large.  They are what makes the community of Los Cabos a true HOME.  They are responsible for lifting us out from under the clutches of fear and pandemic.  This community of people is what contributes the greatest value toward real estate and neighboring Todos Santos providing, too, the greatest return on investment.

Say hello. 

G. Giovanni Giammarco


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