Spaciousness, The New Luxury

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Times have changed, and so has the perception of luxury in Real Estate. For many years, luxury was defined by location, views, design and finishes. Standards set by the luxury market often disregarded “spaciousness”, defined as the abundance of space; large in area or extent.

Understanding the cost of Mexican power

By Mauricio Rivero Understanding the cost of Mexican power Have you ever wondered how electric power rates in Los Cabos are concluded and measured? How to make it affordable? And how can vacation rentals make money with these in place?

Blue Kitchens, Not Just a Modern Trend

Blue kitchens are not just a modern trend. Yes, they are all over social media, you can find pictures of astonishing blue kitchens on Instagram, Pinterest and of course, Google.

Bob’s Cabo Mansion Stinks

Bob’s Cabo Mansion Stinks: He did not know that when he purchased it, and perhaps neither did his real estate agent. Truth is, not too many people in Los Cabos understand the complexity behind some of the luxury estates that line our beautiful coast.  Bob was one of those unfortunate buyers.

Thousands of Dollars Lost in Cabo Real Estate

Thousands of Dollars Lost: Buyers beware! Investing in a property in Cabo is everybody’s dream. However, many Buyers are losing thousands of dollars by not working with a qualified real estate advisor or what is also known as a “Buyer´s rep.”. What many Buyers don´t realize is that using a qualified real estate advisor will […]