5 Tips for Traveling and Working Remotely

After 2020, there’s no doubt remote work is here to stay. Still, working remotely from your home isn’t the only trend rising in popularity. More and more people are starting to understand the flexibility of remote work, which means they’re beginning to explore traveling opportunities while working abroad. If you’re looking to travel and work […]

Spring Gardening Checklist

Ah yes, you’ve probably noticed the robins multiplying in the yard, those first hints of color as leaf buds tip the somber bare winter tree branches and the welcome turn of temperatures toward t-shirt weather. Spring has arrived, and, after months of cold lockdown made worse by Covid restrictions, you’re probably eager to get out […]

Going Green in the Housing Market

About a quarter of U.S. emissions are produced by private homes, and America pumps the highest amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere compared to every other country on the planet. Unfortunately, household energy consumption is predicted to grow to 41% by 2035.

How Pantone’s Colors of the Year Will Impact 2021 Interiors

Becoming the global authority on color is not an easy task, yet Pantone made this very kaleidoscopic leap in 1963. The Atlantic reported that chemist Lawrence Herbert concocted the first-ever standardized numbered color system known as color chips.

Rammed Earth Homes for Sustainability

Homeowners as well as builders and developers are always looking for new techniques that can help create more eco-friendly, sustainable homes. However, it is one of the oldest existing building techniques that provides one of the most sustainable solutions in the current day.