Imagine this headline on the front page of a major newspaper.  In jest, of course, but still one of the best ways to describe the interesting and unique architecture of Morada Escondida, nestled on the hillside in Todos Santos, Mexico. Just last year, Morada Escondida was recognized by ArchDaily Mexico announcing the Best Architecture Projects […]

Letter to my Dear Baja. How you’ve changed.

I had the privilege of knowing you at an early age. I remember driving from San José to Cabo San Lucas and having the best views of the Sea of Cortez. I remember my parents and their friends, leaving their jeeps at Palmilla beach, windows down, unlocked. Not a care in the world. You did […]

2022 Trends for Custom Built Homes

Are you thinking about taking the plunge and building your Cabo dream home this year? These are the hottest design trends for new construction in 2022.  Kitchen Islands- These are the centerpieces of the modern-day home; they add functionality and style to the conversation center of your home. Appliances In Kitchen Islands- Take it up a notch […]

Special for Custom-Made Hospitality Projects

Developer Lots at El Tezal

Imagine a place that could elicit an innermost desire to call it home without a shadow of a doubt. A place is so enamoring that whoever sets foot there will most likely want to build a custom-project, lavish ocean getaway from the ground up. That place could easily be Southern Baja. But along with an […]

February 14, Valentine’s Day.

February 14, a significant day for many.  Celebrations marked on this date include ‘Clean your Computer Day’, ‘International Book Giving Day’, ‘League of Women Voters Day’ and ‘National Ferris Wheel Day’, among others.  Although all of these celebrations are real, I assure you, none are as well known as ‘St. Valentine’s Day’.  A day when […]