Imagine a place where the weather is perfect, the food delicious, the neighbors are friendly, vast undeveloped land surrounded by ocean, desert, tropical palm trees and not so distant mountains. A place where time seems to slow down.

All this seems impossible, but it exists right here in the Baja in a little town known as Todos Santos.

For some, the idea of leaving the big city can be terrifying as one can only imagine how life will be without numerous stores and conveniences. We wonder will it make life harder? But, at the end of the day, many of us agree that living in a peaceful location will bring a better life.


There are only 111 Pueblo Magicos throughout Mexico; a distinction not easy to obtain as each town must comply with a series of requirements and maintain these requirements.

Every Pueblo Magico is characterized by its tranquility, security, architecture, an international community bringing a unique style and a unique quality of life. Symbolism, culture, legends, traditions, history, transcendent facts, everyday life; in short, magic that emanates in its socio-cultural manifestations, making each location enormously attractive as a touristic destination.

Todos Santos received this distinction in 2006.


Think of Todos Santos as the hipster district of your city: here you will find yoga studios, bike paths, art galleries, microbreweries, craft cocktail lounges, farm to table restaurants, trendy coffee shops and organic markets.

Despite being a small town, Todos Santos has become a refuge for adventurers from the world who seek quality yet yearn for a simple lifestyle. Finding both in one place can be tricky, making Todos Santos even more attractive.

Photo: Alex Mitre

There are diverse activities practically every day of the week as well as iconic festivals that, year after year, have brought a distinct personality to the town. Festivals of art, food and wine, music, sports and cultural events such as Day of the Dead fill out the calendar.


Due to the surrounding Sierra de La Laguna mountain range, Todos Santos maintains pleasant temperatures throughout the year. Enjoy a variety of micro-climates with an abundance of vegetation and fauna; from dry desert to tropical beaches. And with more than 300 sunny days a year take advantage of numerous outdoor activities such as cycling, surfing, camping, fishing, hiking, whale watching and more.


Work from home? Yes, this is possible! Today’s work environment has evolved and anywhere in the world can now be your office. This new type of worker is called a Digital Nomad.

Todos Santos has everything necessary to be a digital nomad, allowing you to stay close to your employer, friends and family from your home base in Paradise.

In addition, being conveniently located one hour from two international airports allows travel almost anywhere in less than a day.


Todos Santos has more than enough room for newcomers and real estate is still affordable.

Using statistics from the Todos Santos MLS database, average land prices are currently $ 45.71 usd per m2 with construction costs for homes of $205 usd per m2. As a bonus to the owner, vacation rentals have become very popular and are also an excellent source of additional income while you are not here allowing you to recoup your investment over time.

The eyes of the world are watching Todos Santos. Beat the crowds and come today!

Photos credit: Alex Mitre

Alejandro Mitre



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