Confessions of the Quarantined

Confessions of the Quarantined: This Covid-19 health crisis we are all living through has taught me to be more patient with myself, to become more present in the moment and to enjoy the little things life is offering us.

It is Okay to Not be Okay

Yes, I’ll be honest – there were days where I was completely unmotivated, confused, and overwhelmed with the heavy fear of the unknown. I took this mandatory time off as a mini stay-cation, worked on my tan, played with my dogs, made some art, and worked in my garden. Sipping on wine by noon and snoozing under the palms – this “stay at home” gig was starting to warm on me. But before I knew it, I had lost 20 days! No longer knowing what day it was I knew I needed to take another approach if I was going to adapt and thrive to a changing routine.

Building Bonds

So, my 20 days “away” weren’t useless. I spent the majority of the days Facetiming with friends and family in other countries. How grateful I am to be living in a time when I can pick up my phone, and in a moment, be connected with someone else so far away. Not only being able to hear them but see their faces as well! As a result, my relationship with my cousin in Vancouver is the strongest it’s ever been. Connecting with loved ones more regularly led me to feel more attached, and, although restrained from personal interaction, I was feeling a full heart and much more grounded with the situation at hand. I started participating in Jay Shetty’s daily mediation in which, both my dad and cousin, who live in Canada, join. 20,000 people join in on this same meditation, all at the same time! We are all present, meditating together. To feel this type of connectivity with strangers is unlike anything I’ve experienced pre-COVID”

Staying Healthy is Essential

If you know me – you know I’m passionate about fitness and health. My normal routine consisted of working out at least five to six times a week, eating healthy while intermittently fasting. Since the gyms have closed, I fell off the health wagon and drank maybe a little more vino than usual. But I must say, something that had kept me sane during those first 20 days was where I live.

Where else in the world do you have pristine soft sandy beaches with clean blue waters, Confessions of the Quarantined championship fishing, world-class golf courses, foodie heaven, and absolutely amazing hospitality. Cabo San Lucas is a dreamland for the young the old and all in-between. What I just mentioned is only a small list of the many reasons why you should be in Cabo. Not only should you be here, but you should also make Los Cabos your second home!

In this day and age, browsing for real estate has never been so easy. Mostly every listing has a virtual video so you can view the property and all its surrounding from the comforts of your home Confessions of the Quarantined.

To everyone who has goals, dreams, wishes, and desires… TAKE THAT CHANCE.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow or even today. The pandemic has taught me how precious life is. Now is the perfect time to buy your dream vacation home as the Los Cabos real estate market has a lot to offer all your needs. Live in the present because this is all we have.

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