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Those die-hard mountain bicycling enthusiasts out there visiting Los Cabos for the first time, might not be able to help but be enamored by the hilly desert landscapes and envision what it would be like to pedal their way through the coastline. Hopping on a mountain bike will most likely be one of the most desirable and enjoyable ways to get to know Los Cabos, its people, and the many magical places encountered along the way on weekend rides.

Starting with a leisurely slow pedaling through downtown San José, where all the art galleries, cozy cafés, trendy bars, and boutique hotels are located to then heading east towards the outskirts of the town, past the riverbed where a fresh water creek is still flowing after centuries. This is where the Puerto Los Cabos marina is located, and it’s also a point where the formerly slow bike stroll will progressively turn into a more challenging ride up and down the hills that surround San José. If a less demanding workout is desired, the mere act of pedaling along San Jose’s bike lane alongside the Paseo Malecón is still quite an endorphin-booster and a great way to get to know the many wonderful points of interest, world-class resorts and friendly faces this quaint, slow-paced town has to offer.

Many adventure seekers head east instead and take the road to Hacienda Encantada for a day-long outing. It is a sensible recommendation, though, to not underestimate the mercilessness of the Los Cabos sun rays. It is wise to carry proper eyewear, sunblock and enough water even during the supposedly cooler winter months. Some of Los Cabos’ best sights will be visible along a road that’s ideally suited for both experienced cyclists and those new to mountain biking, since the paved hills and slopes are not too steep, but it will require some effort and perhaps even some strain. Those wishing to give mountain biking a try in Los Cabos are best advised to make sure they’re in good shape physically and medically prior to the workout. A safety helmet should be worn at all times and an eye kept for cars passing by, particularly while riding along the paved road instead of the dirt ones to the sides.

There’s an alternative treat for mountain bike “adrenaline junkies” and thrill-seekers, since there are quite a few dirt mountain bike trails nested among the wilderness and located towards the west of San José that range from mild to hard-core. A comprehensive list of trail locations can be found here. These trails feature curvy dirt trails and up and down rolling hills in this unique adventure of what’s referred to my some outdoors enthusiasts as the “Mexican outback”. Riding through this fascinating desert landscape enables adventurous riders to get a close look at the endemic vegetation and wildlife that flourish in this apparently unfriendly environment. It is so yet unspoiled that pedaling through it will be another opportunity to learn about the endemic plant species and wildlife of the Baja Peninsula.

Along the hilly trails, bikers will have the opportunity to feast their eyes with wide open spaces and blue skies that serve as a backdrop of strangely silent peace and quiet. When least expected, the desert surroundings while riding along cactus-lined pathways might be an experience similar to what it would be like to step into a natural zoo, where meeting eye-to-eye with fish and red-tail hawks, quails, roadrunners, chipmunks, deer, and foxes might comes as no surprise, as this secluded natural desert area is full of wildlife. 

Los Cabos is indeed a place where visitors should either bring their mountain bike, or rent one here. Endless fun under the sun awaits!

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