Retírate antes de los 40

Retírate antes de los 40: What are you doing to plan your retirement?
And no … I’m not talking about your retirement.

Withdraw from noise
Withdraw from traffic
Withdraw from stress
Withdraw from toxicity
Withdraw from your bad health habits

Possibly you have reached a moment in your life where your priorities have changed direction and you are looking for options that are more focused on a good Quality of Life rather than a Lifestyle. And yes, you can have both in one place.

The clubs become home gatherings with friends. You prefer to invest in your health or in your home before wasting money on other things. You begin to notice changes in your physique, in your metabolism and your way of thinking. You care more about your integral well-being, you seek tranquility. Exactly, you are no longer 25 years old.

Today a trend is beginning to be seen worldwide, where a part of the population from 35 onwards are looking for destinations where they can plan, in good weather, an excellent retirement. Couples with children choose to grow up in a less stressful space.

It sounds crazy having to make a 180 ° turn, right?

Believe me, it is not. I could already do it, and I’m doing very well.

Based on my experience, I dare to say that what you should observe carefully from now on are the following aspects of your life:


What can you work on, who have spent a lifetime in a corporate office? Currently, there are an impressive number of jobs ideal for what is now known as “digital nomads”, which allow you to work from anywhere with an Internet connection. You will be surprised how many projects are carried out remotely today. Companies are already beginning to bet on the “home office”, or work from home.

At this point in your life, surely you already have enough work experience that can help you start that new project on your own. Dare to trust your potential, which will help you find an ideal job for you. Perhaps at first you will not be earning the amount of money you are used to, but surely, you will not spend what you are currently spending either. Also consider that having savings to start this new adventure is of great help.

There will always be work, ALWAYS … sometimes the only thing missing is the desire to work on whatever.

living place

The idea is to find a more pleasant space for the same amount or less than what you currently pay for rent. You can even think about buying a house or investing in a lot.

You can hire a move, or do your garage sale and build your new space from scratch. It is more fun than you think.


I assure you that you will find people very similar to your lifestyle. You will not be the only one who “retired” at an early age seeking to live better.
What if you don’t have a partner?
You could find someone with your same interests and ideals. They’re living there for a reason, right?


You will get less sick living in a place with less pollution, with more time to exercise, to eat healthily, with less stress.
Explore your options for healthcare professionals who can assist you when you need it.


Make sure you are in a place with an airport nearby and with transportation at hand, which will allow you to be connected and travel when you need those “city doses”. Believe me, that city you left behind, those friends and family, they will continue there. You don’t really lose anything Retírate antes de los 40.

How to choose that ideal place?

Think of that destination to which you ALWAYS escape and it gives you that tranquility and peace that you need. It can be the beach, the forest, the field, etc. Think of Mazunte, Tepoztlan, Valle de Bravo, Chapala, Todos Santos, San Miguel, Tulum or “that” special place, you already know which one.

Start considering it as your new personal project. Perhaps it is time to change your way of life in order to have a more comfortable future.

Really. It is not as difficult as you think.

Alejandro Mitre



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