Selling Furnished or Non-furnished.

Most homes in Los Cabos are sold furnished or partially furnished.  A small percentage of homes do not include the furniture, and this will be stated on the listing agreement.  If the house is to be sold furnished, the seller should make a list of exclusions for items that are not part of the purchase.  Be aware that sometimes when a buyer is advised that an item is excluded, it somehow makes that item extremely intriguing and sometimes buyers will ask to include it in the deal.  If you are adamant that an item is not negotiable, tuck it out of sight so it does not even appear on the buyers’ radar.  If this item is negotiable to the sale, make that known.

If there is a piece of furniture that has seen better days, it’s simply best to get rid of it before pictures are taken for the listing.  Many buyers are not able to see beyond the furniture and simply focus on the bones of the home, so I recommend removing all the distractions.  Some sellers opt to sell the home and the furniture separately.  Usually this is because capital gains tax is paid on the price received at closing, so if the seller can take the cost of furniture off the selling price, this will assist with lowering the capital gains tax.  Again, everything is negotiable, so speak with your agent during the buying and selling process to determine what is the best option when buying and selling.

Lisa Torres


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