C’mon, you can’t deny it……living near the beach has always been on your to-do list. Right?

A year and a half ago I made one of the best decisions of my life; moving from Mexico City to Todos Santos, Baja California Sur. The idea seemed a bit far fetched at the time as I thought that being so far away from civilization was going to be very difficult. Was I ever wrong!

Much to my surprise, living by the ocean has brought me an infinite number of benefits.
Here are a few examples:


Finally, I can breathe! For 7 years living with the air pollution in Mexico City, I suffered constantly from asthma, coughs, a runny nose, irritated eyes and a scratchy throat. Living near the sea has completely eliminated these symptoms and every day I fill my lungs with pure, fresh ocean air and swim in the sea rich in iodine and marine salts; two omnipresent components in all nasal decongestants. My nose, eyes and lungs can’t thank me enough.


Being surrounded by farmland allows easy access to fresh produce grown without chemicals or pesticides. As a result, I am now eating organic fruits and vegetables providing more and better nutrients to my body.

In addition, close proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortés offers an abundance of fresh, just caught, seafood without the need for transportation or excessive refrigeration. The daily catch!

And best of all, my junk food habit has been reduced dramatically and I am back to my fighting weight from high school. Priceless!


Living in Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world, I found myself spending a good portion of each day stuck in congested traffic traveling from point to point. This daily travel took up an enormous amount of my day, leaving very little “me” time. Nowadays I have the all the time I need to hit the gym every day, attend classes in yoga and Pilates and enjoy a myriad of wáter activites such as stand up paddle, surfing and swimming. I also found time to devote to my inner artist and have begun to paint with watercolor. I have more time for myself, with my fur-baby Max and to get together with friends.

Additionally, due to the intimate size of my sea-side town, I regularly walk to work, shop down the street from my apartment and head out on foot to my favorite restaurants. My evenings typically involve watching the sun set over the ocean, filling my lungs with restorative ocean air. Ahhhh!

Cultural Integration:

Sea-side towns tend to attract an international community allowing interaction with people of diverse nationalities.

I see daily improvement to my English and French and, at the same time, have been able to share and teach new words in Spanish and Mexican idioms to my new foreign friends.

Interacting with those of so many nationalities, ages and roots has expanded my cultural experiences. I now understand values different from mine, have tasted new gastronomic flavors, embraced new ways of thinking and experienced new lifestyles.
There is an overflow of cultural wealth shared with citizens of the world. Vive La Difference!

And, finally, who can argue with Science?

Based on a study conducted by the University of Exeter in 2012, living near the sea, in addition to improving respiratory problems, stabilizes blood pressure, is positive for the joints, fights infections, prevents fluid retention, promotes metabolism, it reduces stress and helps to heal the skin, among other things …

You can find more of this study here: http://www.exeter.ac.uk/research/
Starting a new life by the sea is easier than you think. Go to your favorite real estate agent, find your paradise and start a new adventure living on the beach. You won’t regret it!

Credit Photos: Alex Mitre

Alejandro Mitre


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