The Newbies Guide to ‘Must Eat At’ Restaurants in San Jose del Cabo

I consider myself a foodie, a moniker not to be confused with a food snob. The difference? A food snob fancies eating at fine food establishments and a foodie just loves great food. I’m always up for having a great dining experience in beautiful places like Flora Farms or Acre but am focused on the never-ending quest to find that little hole-in-the-wall serving just a few special dishes.

When I moved to San Jose Del Cabo last year my foodie goal was to eat at every single restaurant, no matter how nice or how much of a dive it was. It didn’t take long to realize there are more restaurants than there are days in the year, so my quest then became narrowing down the best. To date, I have not had a bad meal here but there are definitely a few that stand out from the others. Here are of some of my favorites.

Everyone in SJD knows about La Lupita Taco and Mezcal but I eat there so often I feel compelled to give them first mention. Their miso fish tacos are a staple in my diet and their grilled shrimp salad is a ‘must try’. Belly up to the bar, put in your order and listen to great live music. You almost always need a reservation unless you get there before 5:00 p.m.

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that San Jose has great sushi! My favorite spot is Koi Sushi. Don’t tell anyone, but the secret is to order from their iPad and not off the menu. You need to be a little daring as there are only pictures to go by, no description or prices. Be brave and go for it!

After hours? My late night go-to is El Paisa. They may be famous for their carne tacos, but I can’t get enough of their carne-stuffed baked potatoes. Top everything off at their amazing salsa bar and don’t forget to order the guacamole – que rico!

Ricketts is a bar but their constant replenishing of bowls of olives, popcorn and nuts kind of makes it an abbreviated dinner option. Their drinks, not only delicious, look like little works of art. Head to the balcony; the perfect place to sip a cocktail and watch the sunset.

La Ostra Cocina del Mar is a hidden gem tucked away on a dirt road near the San Jose marina. They have a wonderful patio and the selection of seafood is plentiful. The octopus tacos are so tender and full of flavor but, watch out, it’s their avocado margaritas that will keep you coming back. M’mm good!

Confession time. We all have our dirty little secrets and mine is Daddy Pollo. It’s a fast food joint that serves chicken strips and buffalo wings and I am obsessed! Somehow, I always order the same thing; papas con pollo. I originally ventured in because I thought their name was funny, but the staff was so friendly and welcoming I decided to give it a try. Fried strips of chicken were not on the list of things I craved, but then along came Daddy and I can’t get enough of his pollo frito; as ‘finger-lickin’ good as that other chicken guy we all know and love.

My conclusion? There isn’t just one best restaurant in San Jose. No matter what your palate or your budget is, you’ll be able to find a variety of great places to enjoy.

And in conclusion, I mentioned my quest as being never-ending so check back with me in a while for the latest updates!

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Lew Gallo


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Mary Ann
Mary Ann
7 months ago

Where is Ricketts, la Paisa and La ostra Covina del mar located?

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