Living the waterman lifestyle is something I’ve wished for since a young age and being a Cabo native has a lot to do with this feeling. But despite this lifelong desire and ongoing love for the ocean, I have yet to reach this status. And to be honest, I am far from getting there!

Being a waterman is not just about enjoying the beach and practicing ocean activities; it’s more about making being part of the ocean a lifestyle. Defining the term in my own words; “a waterman is a person that has had a special connection with the ocean since an early age and that understands it in complex ways”. Others might simply define it as “someone who loves the ocean”. Although this second definition is extremely short it says it all because it implicitly includes everything you could add to that definition. A person who loves the ocean will make an effort to experience all the possible activities it has to offer; from stand-up paddling to surfing giant waves, from casual swimming to freediving underwater caves. To practice these activities with skill, style and respect for the ocean is living the waterman lifestyle. Many may differ with my opinion or consider it incomplete: a very common thing when defining a waterman!

What does Cabo have to offer to experience the waterman lifestyle? Without a doubt, it is the perfect place to live a life dedicated to the ocean. Aside from great weather, natural beauty and its ocean duality (having two seas – Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean) what really makes Cabo an attractive destination for every waterman are three key points:

The surfing season lasts practically the whole year and even storms can be a positive thing, bringing bigger and better waves.
The Sea of Cortez is a paradise for spear-fishermen due to the vast variety of species.
The water temperature is ideal most of the year.

If you are ready to experience the waterman lifestyle please consider Cabo as one of your destinations. If you already live here and haven’t yet jumped in, start now and give it a try. You might not become a waterman but, believe me, you will definitely enjoy the experience!

Eduardo Espinosa

Eduardo Espinosa


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