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There is a widespread recent trend of having the desire to simplify one’s life and leaving the city to live on a farm. This isn’t actually new at all. The romantic feeling of living the simple life on your farm home and being able to sow the land, harvest your own crops, and stock your own home-made can preserves is an age-old dream, and way of life for many of our ancestors.

For some of us it is because we are tired of fighting traffic during the daily commute to and from work, or are simply suffering from ‘burn out’ at our jobs.

We want to find passion in what we do and to be able to reap the rewards of our labor. Families want the best life for their children, so purchasing a farm as a safe place to play and enjoy self-sufficient living is becoming not only the new norm, but also the way of the future. In the movie ‘Baby Boom’ Diane Keaton quits her high-power executive job in NY to move to the country and raise her baby. There is also my childhood favorite, the TV show Green Acres, in which the characters left their penthouse on 5th Avenue because Green Acres was the place to be. There are many families who have left the big city life for the many great things Los Cabos, and Mexico, have to offer.

The farm real estate trend might be a bit more popular right now because life in cities seems to be getting harder. City life comes with more crowds and is becoming much more expensive. Traffic can be unbearable and living quarters can be cramped. Paying rent for a parking space feels like a second mortgage and there seem to be more cars than parking spaces.

 Are you tired of the commute and want a better life for your family? Are you ready for a new adventure and Mexican culture? Do you fantasize about waking up and getting fresh eggs from your chicken coop? Do you envision yourself walking your rows of crops with a fresh cup of coffee in hand? Being able to eat fruit you picked fresh from your tree? Taking your produce to sell at one of many of the local San Jose del Cabo’s farmer’s markets? If you answered a solid yes to any of these questions, then we have a farm for you.

Did you know Los Cabos is a large exporter of basil, cherry tomatoes and chilies? San Jose del Cabo is known for its lush farm lands. Prior to it being a popular tourist destination, it survived as a farming and fishing area. The alluvial plane which supplies water to the farm land has fostered a now popular farm-to-table culture. Americans and Canadians have been investing on real estate in Los Cabos for years.

The Agency Los Cabos has a great farm real estate offering for sale – the six-acre Palo Escopeta mango farm, which is priced at $380,000. It includes a delightful two-bedroom artisans home and there is plenty of land space to add additional crops.

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