Todos Santos Advantages

Todos Santos, meaning “All Saints”, is situated on the Pacific coast approximately forty-five minutes north of Cabo San Lucas. The Mexican government has designated Todos Santos a “pueblo magico” (“magic village”) for many reasons.

1. This charming town boasts one of the most desirable climates in southern Baja. The weather in Todos Santos is strongly affected by the Pacific Ocean currents and due to its location is typically ten degrees cooler than La Paz or Cabo San Lucas.  

2. The abundance of fertile farmland and natural springs has resulted in an oasis of palms stretching from the base of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range through the desert ending up at the beach. Lush fruit trees produce mangos, papayas, avocados and more.

3. This artist’s community also contains many charming cafes, ethnic restaurants, quirky shops and inspiring art galleries contrasted by seventy miles of pristine unspoiled beaches with not a soul in sight!

4. Divide your time between relaxation and a myriad of lifestyle activities. Nature is abundant and fishing, surfing, horseback riding, hiking on hidden trails or cliffs with breathtaking views, fabulous bird watching, historical tours, waterfalls, whale watching, cycling through miles of mountain bike trails, meditation and yoga are just some of the available activities. Adventurers can explore the nearby mountain range where overnight camping in the beautiful meadow or beside a waterfall is highly recommended. The local ecology, landscape, climate and proximity to the ocean make Todos Santos a natural paradise for those who love and appreciate nature and there are several experienced and well-equipped organizations in Todos Santos ready to help you enjoy the best of what this region offers.


5. Fun annual events not to be missed include; The Tropic of Cancer Music Festival, the Gastrovino wine and food festival, the Festival de Cine film festival, the annual Open Studio Tour and Historical Home Tour.

6. For those who want to make Todos Santos their home, there are super real estate investment opportunities with a wide diversity of neighborhoods – choices include farmland, hillside, oceanfront and desert. Fabulous custom homes, gorgeous lots to build your dream home and one-of-a-kind development properties make Todos Santos the ideal real estate investment opportunity. In fact, in 2016 the New York Times named Todos Santos one of its top fifty travel destinations.

Come and see for yourself what riches it has to offer.

Lew Gallo The Agency Los Cabos

Jane Mountney


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