Todos Santos is quickly becoming the multi-cultural hub of Baja California Sur. With all it offers in abundance, this pueblito has evolved into a cultural mosaic, attracting exciting people worldwide.

Popping up on every corner are quirky boutiques, restaurants, cinemas, theaters, cafes, and more.

But the vibrancy is found within the heart of this community; Centro Todos Santos.

Small enough to explore from edge to edge on foot, yet diverse enough to fill your every heart’s desire.

For this reason, allow me to point you to my “do-not-miss” list of favorite spots for your next visit to our Pueblo Magico.

Welcome to The Agency Real Estate in Todos Santos

Villas De Todos Santos


1 Bedroom

Villa 107

1 Bedroom

Villa 108

1 Bedroom

Villa 109

2 Bedrooms

Villa 303

1 Bedroom

Villa 210

3 Bedrooms

Villa 211

1 Bedroom

Villa 207

2 Bedrooms

Villa 307


La Katrina Surf Shop
Todos Santos Surf Shop


The Agency Todos Santos

If your favorite spot is missing, please let us know and we’ll gladly include it. We love your suggestions.

Alejandro Mitre


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