5 easy outdoor trips for your 2021 travel bucket list.

Los Cabos is a popular Mexican municipality located at the southern tip of the country’s state of Baja California Sur. It has been developed for tourism, with beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by stunning properties, golf courses and other entertainment. 

The area usually receives approximately one million visitors from the USA each year, with plenty of people choosing to take their vacations in Los Cabos. 

If you aren’t planning on lounging around in one of the area’s luxurious hotels sandwiched between the ocean and the old town center, it could be a great idea to read up on some great day trips within easy reach of Los Cabos. After all, the tranquil setting of the coastline makes for the perfect place to recuperate after a day of exploring!

Perhaps you are even considering buying property in Los Cabos and wondering what kind of day trips could be in store for you? Whatever your situation, we will run through some of the most spectacular trips within a reasonable distance from your sunny base of Los Cabos.

Discover more of Mexico

As you venture further away, you will start to experience more of Mexico’s true appeal. For all of the luxury in Los Cabos, it can be a humbling adventure to visit some towns and cities a few hours further inland. 

Many of these places offer rural tranquility that might be best enjoyed alongside some company! If you have a pet that would enjoy embarking on these day trips with you, it is a great idea to bring them along so they can stretch their legs and explore the unfamiliar terrain. 

Caduaño is only around 25 miles from San José del Cabo. Be prepared to notice a big change in scenery after such a short trip! This town is an extremely small ‘pueblito’ which is located in the very same municipality of Los Cabos, but offers you the chance to get away from the bustle and explore life in rural Mexico. 

Featuring not much more than a few rows of quaint houses and a town plaza, you can spend a few hours walking around and discovering the farmland, livestock and fruit orchards. This town is proud of the fruit it grows – don’t miss out on the chance to try traditional fruit candies. 

For a group searching for a little action to add to the mix, Caduaño now has its own water park called ‘Wild Wet Fun Aquatic Park’. This is the perfect place for families with younger children to relax and unwind after a few hours on foot exploring this friendly, rural setting.

A typical building in Caduaño. Credit: LosCabosGuide

Discover the natural hot tubs of the valleys of Sierra de la Laguna. If lazing around in a warm pool or hot tub sounds like your way of passing the time, why not get in your car and try to find the two natural hot springs hidden in the foothills of Sierra de la Laguna? 

Locals have known about these spots since the early 1900s, and now the Mexican government has protected many of the hot springs by making them inaccessible to visitors. However, two hot springs still make popular destinations for day trips today: ‘El Chorro’ and ‘Santa Rita’. 

Man and dog enjoy ‘El Chorro’ hot spring. Credit: HereUntilThere

Santiago and Miraflores makes for the perfect day trip. Start by making your way around an hour from Los Cabos to Santiago – the heart of the desert. The exotic cacti plants will serve as an appropriate reminder of where you are! 

Once you’re done admiring the scenery of the Mexican desert, take a hike down towards Miraflores. This is a perfect route to walk with family and friends – make sure to bring along your dog if you have one! 

You will pass an impressive waterfall where you can spend an hour or two recovering before you make your way back into Miraflores (which, coincidentally, is only around 5 miles from Caduaño). 

Miraflores offers an amazing range of authentic Mexican restaurants which make for the perfect end to a day exploring the desert surrounding Santiago.

Cascada Sol de Mayo – Santiago’s impressive waterfall. Credit: Alltrails

La Paz is a serene city around a couple of hours away from Los Cabos. It is actually the capital of Baja California Sur, but this isn’t reflected in its peaceful atmosphere. 

The perfect place to stroll around exploring authentic Mexican cuisine, beaches and art, your day will pass in a blur here.

One of the more heart-pumping activities you can do in La Paz is swimming with whale sharks. Along with places like Australia and Tanzania, La Paz is one of the few places in the world where this is possible. Make sure you take advantage of an enthralling experience like no other!

Swimming with whale sharks in La Paz. Credit: SandInMySuitcase

Los Barriles is the place to go if you are a true lover of watersports, fishing and all the other amazing coastal activities that Mexico has to offer. Around an hour and a half away from Los Cabos, it is the go-to for a windsurfing, kitesurfing or snorkeling experience like no other.

The Sea of Cortez is known for its powerful waves and strong currents which make for a thrilling watersports experience – but do make sure to do so in a designated area. If you are a beginner, make your way into the center of Los Barriles and look around for signs.

If you aren’t sure about taking to the water, you can always relax in one of the town’s laid-back Mexican bars and enjoy seeing the multi-colored parachutes and sails out on the sea! 

Watersports in Los Barriles. Credit: Sportif

Los Cabos might well have everything you need on your vacation, but don’t forget that there is a world of Mexican coastline, desert and waterfalls just waiting to be discovered. All a relatively short drive away, these are just five of the easiest day trips you can make from your base in Los Cabos.

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