Lately, our office has been receiving more and more questions about the standard of education among the schools in Cabo; particularly as our clients and friends see the amazing quality of life they can offer their children while picking up a sport like surfing or a learning a second language living here in Paradise.

Cabo has some amazing schools, most are in some part bilingual, but one in particular, Colegio El Camino, stands alone in that it is accredited as an American School through Cognia and as an IB International School. The IB system is a remarkable inquiry-led learning philosophy and accreditation that affords high school students the ability to accrue college-level credit depending on the grade received in the specific class.  These accreditations facilitate having the grades it confers on students be made valid, such that a month or six months here is equivalent to equal time in a school within the US Territory.

Colegio El Camino is a fully bilingual Private K-12, nonsectarian, non-profit school with a current enrollment of 400 students representing 23 nationalities including Americans, Canadians, Australians, Israelis, Japanese, Malaysians, Spanish, French, British, Swiss, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Argentinian, Peruvian and other Latin nationalities.

In addition to its bilingual curriculum, El Camino offers many support services including certified and licensed psychologists, a mentoring program, career and college counseling, afternoon academic academies, afternoon sports programs, the Camino Language Acquisition Support Program (C.L.A.S.P), para-academic workshops, and the IB Diploma CAS (Creativity, Action, and Service) program. These last two programs are geared to support incoming students to ensure they gain a level of language proficiency while not losing any traction. 

El Camino has introduced its distance learning model, based on best practices of other IB/American schools, to allow its students a platform on which to learn at their own pace, yet have consistent access to teachers.

While there are other schools to fit your preferences, the ability to move to Cabo for a few months and have your children be immersed into another culture while maintaining or improving their academics is priceless. 

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Juan Diaz Rivera


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