As I write this blog post, I am sitting at Pearson International Airport in Toronto waiting to board a flight back to Los Cabos.  Fall is upon us in Ontario, and it’s been an amazing trip visiting my family, friends, and of course my furry family and friends, but it is time to go back.

Looks like the forecast for Los Cabos is unseasonably cooler at 25C, and no storms on the horizon, at least for now.  Perfect weather!

On September 09, Hurricane Olaf touched down in the Baja, but the usual Cabo resilience is in full swing.  It’s a joy to see everyone pull together once again to lend a helping hand to get everyone back on their feet.  People always ask us how to help and as usual, our volunteers are working overtime.  There are many ways, but one of the best ways to help is to consider a trip to Los Cabos to enjoy the sunshine.

New direct flights from Canada are starting up from all the major gateways.  Ask your travel agent for the new flights and plan a trip to Los Cabos to enjoy our Cabo hospitality. We are open for business and our COVID numbers are way down.

There is a misconception out there Canadians cannot travel, but we certainly can, and we certainly do.  Los Cabos has a wide variety of accommodations including hotels, bed, and breakfasts but also many private villa rentals, with your own private pool, chef, maid, and even a resort-style concierge to book all your excursions, make dinner reservations, and all the functionality of a hotel concierge but in the privacy of your own villa. 

If you need some suggestions of where to stay and what to do, please connect with me and I will be happy to share my knowledge.  If you are like many of us, you may not want to leave.

We look forward to your visit to Los Cabos.

Lisa Torres is a full-time resident of Los Cabos and a Real Estate Advisor for The Agency Los Cabos.  Phone +52 624 147 0514 / email

Lisa Torres


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