The Baja California Peninsula is a thriving beach town laden with art, cultural excursions, music, and outdoor adventures. The area is known for its stunning rock art and cave paintings that date back almost 11,000 years to the region’s native tribal nations that once lived off of the island’s rich vegetation and sea life.

Los Cabos hiking trails duck in and out of the breathtaking water line and even wrap around waterfalls, hot springs, and are embedded in canyons. Hikers can pick the nature escape of their choosing and venture into mountain, desert, or coastline trails.

If nature is calling, then these Los Cabos hiking trails will definitely answer, and make anyone who ventures down these adventure paths think about staying forever.

The San Jose Estuary is the Perfect Escape for the Leisure Hiker

The protected oasis known as the Estero San José del Cabo is a natural safe haven full of trees, exotic plants, and over one hundred species of birds, fish, turtles, and various marine life. Its convenient distance from the downtown area makes this an attractive location for those who want to enjoy hiking the easy trails nestled in these freshwater wetlands. The estuary reaches more than 25 miles across the edge of the Sea of Cortez and consists of both fresh and saltwater that make up this rare ecosystem.

Panoramic views of magnificent freshwater estuary from Alegranza Penthouse A 603

Visit the Village of Santiago for a Truly Extraordinary Waterfall Hiking Adventure

Imagine a 35-foot waterfall that flows into a secluded lagoon of sparkling water. This dream becomes a reality in the small town of Santiago, and the 0.6 mile hike provides a moderately challenging experience for hikers. The waterfall’s actual location is in the Cañón de la Zorra, and this sunny spot makes a great picnic location. This hidden gem in Los Cabos is very close to the old Hollywood (Bing Crosby and John Wayne) stomping grounds of the Palomar Hotel and Restaurant, where travelers can also stop after a long day of hiking.

Photo Credit: Andreola Velleryd

Hiking and Hot Springs are a Fabulous Combination

The Santa Rita Hot Springs are a great way to relax sore legs after completing the 1.1-mile hike that leads hikers to these stunning freshwater pools. This trail is the perfect fit for all levels and is hidden away in the many canyons of the Sierra de La Laguna mountains. Hikers will enjoy traveling through the villages of Santiago and San Jorge to get to the thermal waters that rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

Take a Trip to the Outback

Welcome to a semi tropical desert that echoes Los Cabos’ native Pericú tribe. The Sierra de la Laguna is one of the most breathtaking outdoor areas in the entire region. Made up of mountain ranges and a designated biosphere reserve, hikers can enjoy the spectacular Cañon San Dionísio trail that starts at the mouth of the Rancho San Dionísio canyon. Hikers should be aware that this mountainous part of Los Cabos does have more rainfall, and temperatures can drop below freezing in the winter.

For the Serious Hikers in Your Life

As part of the Sierra de la Laguna, The San Bernardo Canon is one of the more challenging trails for hikers to tackle in Los Cabos. This 22.3-mile hike is one of the easier cross-sierra hikes that starts in Boca de la Sierra and ends near Santa Domingo. Completing the entire journey takes about two to three days, but the entire trail is in the canyon. Permanent water pools mark the way forward and provide clean drinking water for travelers along the way. For hikers wondering just how difficult the trail is, be prepared to navigate large boulders and the dirt paths.

Sierra De La Laguna – Photo by Andromeda Alighieri


Many permanent residents of Los Cabos settled there for the great weather and access to incredible hiking trails that never disappoint. Whether hikers are in the mood to stroll or really get their heart rate up, there is a trail for everyone. Los Cabos’ beauty keeps tourists coming back year-after-year, and its scenic outdoor trails have convinced many to make Los Cabos their home.

Blog post courtesy of Abigail Baker. Abigail is a writer for Seattle Fabrics, an outdoor and recreational fabric retailer.


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