1. Be sure and eat 12 grapes at midnight.  Eat one grape when the clock strikes twelve, and don’t stop until you are done.  Try not to stuff them all in at once, or you may not hear the last chime!  (I hear the trick is to peel them in advance)

2. Wear colored underwear.  Mexican tradition says that red underwear will bring love, green will bring money, white for peace, and yellow for good health.  Don’t go around the NYE party asking guests what color their underwear is, or you may get in big trouble.

3. Fill your purse with lentils.  The trick here is to use raw lentils. Otherwise, you may have quite a mess on your hands.

4. Sweep the entrance of your house to ward off bad luck.  Lucky or not, a clean front porch is always a nice welcome for guests.

5. Now that your porch is clean, scatter 12 coins on the front porch and sweep them back into the house to invite prosperity into your home.

6. Eat a big plate full of black-eyed peas. This is a Southern tradition where the black-eyed peas stand for coins, collard greens represent paper money, and cornbread is gold.  Any tradition that involves eating is all right by me.

7. Crack the doors and windows at midnight to let the old year out and the New Year in. Unless it is raining… duh.

8. Make that New Year’s Eve resolution and stick with it!  I know, almost impossible, but fun to try.

9. Toast the New Year with champagne and drop a gold ring in it for good luck!  You cannot take the ring out until the champagne is gone and you have wished everyone in the room a happy New Year. (Do not swallow the ring)

10. Toot your horn at midnight.  Loud noises are encouraged to ward off evil spirits so let her blow!

11. And finally, that midnight kiss.  Grab your honey and give them a smooch for good luck and love in the upcoming New Year.

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