Yep – there is such a thing.  Who knew?  Winemaking began in Mexico in the 16th century with vines exported from Europe. While there were indigenous grapes prior to the Spanish Conquest, the Spaniards found that Spanish grapevines did very well in Mexico.  Winemaking was originally prohibited in Mexico with the exception of wine for church purposes. 


Wine production in Mexico has been on the rise in both quantity and quality since the mid-1980s.  While there is strong competition with both Mexican beer and tequila those that are inclined to indulge in some of the great gastronomical options in Los Cabos are now including some Mexican wines into their dining experiences.

Those that appreciate good wines may be surprised to learn that several Mexican wineries have received numerous awards for their products.  In 2020, the wine DON LEO GRAN RESERVA CABERNET SAUVIGNON won gold in the International Cabernet competition and the trophy for the world’s best cabernet

There are 3 major wine-producing areas in Mexico, with the Baja California region producing 90% of all Mexican wines.  Our strategic location within this region adds just another element to this great area. 

As things start to open again consider making plans to attend “Gastrovino” in the future. This Baja Food and Wine Festival takes place in the quaint, sleepy town of Todos Santos, where local chefs amass to offer their finest dishes and a selection of Mexican wines.  The annual event is prepared to add to the already $60,000 it has raised in support of charitable causes through a silent auction.  Winefests in other parts of the country include the Cabo San Lucas Wine and Food Fest [24] and the Guadalajara Winefest generally held in November. 

After a day in the sun stop by The Wine Bar by Romeo & Julieta in downtown Cabo San Lucas.

Located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas, Romeo & Julieta has become an icon on the restaurant scene, providing the most sought-after Italian dishes and the best service in a friendly, romantic, and relaxing atmosphere.

The highly anticipated neighborhood wine bar is now open offering high-quality wines, special cocktails, and tapas. A bank of glass windows and doors open to a cozy patio with fire-pit cocktail tables, while inside comfy sofas and upholstered chairs beckon, as well as swivel bar stools around a three-sided wrap-around bar that lets customers interact easily.

Some other great options include Restaurante Doc Wine Bar, Serranos Tequila & Wine as well as Serrano: Wine, Seafood, and Grill.

The more information that you know about the area the better positioned you are to embrace all there is to offer here as well as a home purchase.  There is a wide selection of houses for sale in Los Cabos. 


Beautiful beaches – fantastic weather – gorgeous scenery – incredible dining and now Mexican wine.  Interested in looking for the right home?  Let’s chat.  We can celebrate the home closing with a great bottle or red or white.  The choice is yours.  I have had a few and am happy to assist in the selection.  Welcome to Los Cabos and welcome to some great wine tastings. 

Robert Preece


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