Oh Yes! it is that time of the year again –  the time many Mexicans wait for impatiently just to re-experience an explosion of taste of pure Mexican tradition.  You guessed it, I’m talking about Chiles en Nogada, considered by many “The Mexican Dish by Excellence”.

I don’t blame them, this is a dish involving prime ingredients and  meticulous preparation. Here´s a description made by one of my favourite cooks, my wife:

“Chiles en Nogada is a very traditional Mexican dish originating in the city of Puebla usually prepared on the month of September as some of the ingredients are seasonal, like the pomegranat, but also to celebrate the national independence festivities.

Chiles en Nogada has the perfect sweet and salty taste thanks to the mix of more than 20 ingredients. It’s a Poblano chile stuffed with shredded meat and a mix of fruits like apple, plantain, peach and pear, almonds and pine nuts flavoured with spices and a little bit of liquor.

The Nogada sauce is made of two kinds of cheeses, cream, almonds, a bit of tequila and the main ingredient: Castilian walnut.  And lastly, to top the sauced chile, we use parsley and pomegranate seeds  representing the colors of the Mexican flag!”

Now, be aware, not everything is beauty and deliciousness in this tradition; this is a very proud Mexican dish, and  involves jealousy, controversy and debate, especially among the chefs and cooks who prepare it, but also between the diners or tasters.  You will invariably hear comments like “My mom prepares the best Chiles en Nogada”, “The meat has to be chopped, not grinded…”, “The chile is always battered”… and this will go on and on from the end of July to the last day of September,  when the tradition sadly comes to an end as essential ingredients like the pomegranate and Castilian walnut become scarce. Then, resignation takes over and we, the Chile en Nogada fans, have to wait until next year. The truth is, this is a very enjoyable tradition which, for almost two centuries, has united us every single year for a delightful experience and, well, the debate is just part of it.

Mi Cocina At Casa Natalia offers a very authentic recipe crafted by Chef Genadis, make sure you try it soon when visiting San José Del Cabo downtown, from Wednesday to Sunday.

Mi Cocina Restaurant at Hotel Casa Natalia

If you haven’t tried this great Mexican dish you still have time. Just turn on your munchies radar and the Nogada experience will be at your door before September ends!   


¡Buen Provecho!

Eduardo Espinosa

Eduardo Espinosa


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