In the far end region of the California peninsula – known as La Baja-, Cabo San Lucas sits to the south-west tip and San Jose del Cabo to the east, and both form what is commonly known as “Los Cabos”. These two towns are so unique and wonderful for their own qualities that calling them undividedly don’t do them justice; plus sometimes it gets a little confusing so here’s a little review.

Cabo San Lucas known as ‘Cabo’

The small fishing village days of the old Cabo San Lucas are well gone. Today, Cabo is a party- esque, young, and festive destination filled with famous dance clubs, restaurants, bars, malls and souvenir shops. Well known for its famous picture-perfect Arco and the crystal blue waters of the Medano Beach, it’s hard to have a bad time in Cabo. The Marina of Cabo San Lucas hosts the main fishing and sailing events of the region and is the departure point for most boat tours and activities. Closest to being a medium sized city, Cabo is more densely populated and is also where most of the administrative offices of the municipality of “Los Cabos” are – Mexican IRS, tourism board, immigration offices etc.

Cabo’s main resort communities and latest/most popular hotels are:


San Jose del Cabo known as ‘San Jose’

San Jose is the cultural heart of Los Cabos; a picturesque old-style Mexican town, rich in architecture and history in the bones of its Spanish colonial buildings. For a long time called the tranquil and quiet sister of Cabo and mostly frequented by senior generations, San Jose is now trendier than ever with its bursting culinary and artsy scene, added to the ‘one of a kind estate and hotel additions in the area. After undergoing a major city center facelift, San Jose is looking prettier than ever. Every Thursday night, the Art District -as the city center is called for hosting a variety of art galleries- turns into an all-pedestrian “Art Walk” so visitors can freely stroll around its charming ways and the main square, where artists come out to display their work and food ​stands offer Mexican ‘must haves’. From swimmable beaches to surfer spots, San Jose’s coastline offers days of sophisticated leisure far from the hustle and bustle.

San Jose del Cabo’s main resort communities and featured/latest hotels are:


Los Cabos Corridor – So you don’t have to pick one town or the other

While quite different in the lifestyle they offer, both “Cabos” are getting closer as they grow, and eventually, they will merge as one big city. The commonly known “Corridor” is the chunk of land around the Transpeninsular highway that connects San Jose del Cabo with Cabo San Lucas. The Corridor delineates the coast with winner views over the Sea of Cortez making it an astounding residential and resort development area right in the middle of both towns.

In the Cabo Corridor – The Cape Residences, join Dane in this virtual tour.
Los Cabos Corridor’s main communities and popular resorts are:
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