Adrienne Westfall

Vice President of Sales, The Agency Los Cabos

Renown in the Los Cabos community as a real estate closing expert, Adrienne has recently rejoined The Agency as Vice President of Sales, pulling from her multi-faceted background in the industry.  Having been a founding member and a part of The Agency Los Cabos since its inception, Adrienne was welcomed back with open arms to continue building the company she set out to take to the top.

Back in the early ’90s, at the age of 6, Adrienne started her career in real estate here in the Baja by following her Dad to work whenever she could.  Since that time, Adrienne has worked in each industry area – starting in sales as a young adult and finding her passion and strength for processes, transactions, negotiations, leadership skills, and strategy while honing an innate knack for real estate law.

Raised in the Baja herself, Adrienne is now bringing up her two boys with her husband Seth Westfall, Director of Golf at Querencia.

Adrienne and Seth can be found wrangling two high-energy little boys in their spare time, playing at the beach, driving in the hills, exploring arroyos and waterfalls, cooking and eating with friends and family, whale watching, and so much more. The Baja has endless gifts to offer; we can’t wait to share them all with you.

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