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Hugo Alba

Real Estate Advisor,
La Paz
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Hugo is a deeply knowledgeable and trusted real estate professional with over 15 years of experience in Baja.

A declared people person, Hugo is known for his expertise in the local market as well as his strong integrity, sharp negotiation skills, steely determination, and enthusiasm.

As a developer, he learned how to choose and negotiate developer land, analyze its potential in the current market, maximize sq. ft. efficiency for sale, understanding the requirements for permits and licenses while growing the appeal for mortgage lenders. He understands the importance of listening to each client’s needs, to obtain a joint objective and successfully fulfill the vision of a project from inception to completion.

Born in Mexico City with a degree in accounting, Hugo helps guide clients through the intricacies of tax law in Mexico. His process-driven; detail-oriented approach facilitates smooth transactions with no surprises.

Whether a developer project or home investment, Hugo understands the importance of location. His extensive knowledge of the real estate market in La Paz is a powerful asset for any client looking to maximize return on investment.

Hugo is passionate about ocean conservation. He believes we are all responsible for caring for our oceans’ ecosystems. His morning and evening ritual is cleaning the beach as he walks his two dogs. In his free time, you will find Hugo strolling the Malecon with his wife and dogs, at the beach, on his bike, at the gym, or diving in search of sharks, his favorite animal.
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Christine Haws
Las Colinas, Puerta Cortés
Thanks, Hugo. We are really impressed by the competence and professionalism of you and The Agency La Paz. Thank you for helping us with our purchase. You did a great job
Fernando Del Valle Yañez
Las Colinas 9
Ya estamos festejando con los buenos deseos de Hugo. Millones de gracias por todo tu apoyo. Te comparto mi gratitud por el apoyo que recibí de tu parte en la compra del inmueble de Colinas 9. La experiencia de trabajar contigo fue muy grata ya que fuiste muy profesional en todos los sentidos, siempre con el ánimo de ayudar a cerrar la operación.
Vianca Rojas
Las Colinas, Puerta Cortés
Estamos contentos con la compra. Gracias Hugo por la buena asesoría y por estar al pendiente del proceso. El servicio por parte de ustedes fue muy bueno y valioso.
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