Best Couch Fabric Materials

The couch is an integral part of anyone’s home, and its design and style can have a major impact on the overall feel and look of your space. So when it comes to selecting or designing your dream couch, choosing the suitable fabrics can be very crucial. 

Let’s go over some of the most ideal and exciting fabrics that you can choose from for your couch upholstery to find the right balance of appearance, comfort, and durability that you require. 


Cotton is one of the most common options for couch fabrics. Many like it since it’s a natural material that can easily be dyed into a number of different colors and patterns. Plus, it’s highly durable and machine washable. 

Overall, cotton gets softer as it ages, is breathable so as to not trap odors into the fabric, and is naturally quite durable against pilling and tears from frequent use. 


Another choice for couch fabrics is linen. Fans of this material like it for its smooth and soft feel, which only gets more comfortable with time and wear. 

Linen is also a natural fabric that is eco-friendly, durable, and versatile. Just like cotton, it can easily be dyed into a number of different colors, shades, and patterns; so, its pretty easy to find a linen couch in the exact style and appearance that you’re after. 


Wool is a fabric used in couches that gives off a very stately and sophisticated feel. Given the texture, weight, and nature of the material, it’s best used on couches that don’t get a ton of use, but will be more utilized for design and decor. 

This material can be known for its itchy feel, unlike cotton or linen that get softer with time. However, it’s still a popular choice among many who are interior design-forward. 


Among some of the most durable fabrics for couches, corduroy is a strong choice for pieces of furniture that get a lot of traffic. 

Perfect for homes with young kids, pets, and where the couches get a lot of use, corduroy’s ribbed fabric means it’s tough and sturdy, without being too rough or abrasive.

There is no one fabric for couch upholstery that is the best option. However, each person will have to decide how durable they need the fabric to be, the look they’re after, and what their personal preferences are when choosing the material that’s right for them. 

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Written by Bailey Schramm

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