We are a diverse group of top producing real estate advisors, eager to disrupt the status quo of the traditional Los Cabos and Todos Santos Real Estate Agencies. When you hire one of us, you hire all of us. Walk into our world, see why we’re stronger together than we could ever be apart.


Dane Posey

Real Estate Advisor, Los Cabos

Don Morris

Real Estate Advisor, Todos Santos

G. Giovanni Giammarco

Real State Advisor, Los Cabos
Licensed Real Estate Broker in California, USA

Jane Mountney

Real Estate Advisor, Todos Santos

Joni Ross

Real Estate Advisor, Los Cabos

Lew Gallo

Real Estate Advisor, Los Cabos

Rick Stone

Real Estate Advisor, Los Cabos


Bernardo Muciño Koenig



Few places in the world mix two cultures as completely as Los Cabos. We share languages, currencies, and customs almost seamlessly. Growing up between Mexico City and Beverly Hills, fully bilingual and bicultural, seems a premonition of Bernardo’s eventual choice to set his business here.

While researching Cabo’s booming real estate market for his masters dissertation in International Housing at The London School of Economics, Bernardo made the decision to move to Cabo.

Bruce Islas


Bruce@ TheAgencyLosCabos.com

Bruce is a local filmmaker who spends 70% of his time on his passion; creatively translating images into audiovisual content while striving to continuously evoke strong emotions designed to influence the perspective of his audience.

Carlos Ponce



Carlos is an experienced bilingual communicator, copywriter, translator, graphic artist, digital marketer and group facilitator with a great track record of accomplishments, possessing a natural command of the English language with some conversational French adding to his language skills, and highly knowledgeable on methodologies to liaise companies and professionals across the Americas. He has successfully implemented communication, e-marketing and outreach programs in a wide gamut of scenarios, having particularly focused on the IT, tourism and real estate industries for the last 14 years.

He also likes to draw cartoons and illustrations, which folks all over seem to fancy!

Carolina Lupio



As a result of growing up in the capital city of La Paz, Carolina has enjoyed a lifetime love with the tranquility of Baja Sur and its beautiful landscapes.
Immediately after graduating from law school, Carolina began her professional career in a prominent Notary Public office working side by side with attorneys handling fideicomisos and other real estate transactions. Two years later she made the move to Los Cabos looking to broaden her practice in real estate related operations. This was a fateful move as it was in Los Cabos that Carolina found her goal in life; to become one of the most successful closing attorneys in Los Cabos.

She considers herself a very decisive, logical and calm person. When not in the office, Carolina enjoys cooking for her friends, dining in her favorite restaurants, taking walks on the marina and spending relaxing weekends with family and friends in her beloved La Paz.

Jerry Rivera

Creative Director

Jerry@ TheAgencyLosCabos.com

Marketing super-hero Jerry has a passion for anything that pushes him into service, technology, and design trends. More than a decade in the hospitality and sales industries has taught him how creativity and innovation result in constant growth. 

Passionate for new project development, commercialization, brand creation and digital market research; Jerry is fascinated by new concepts and out-of-the-box challenges. 

Crazy about typography, Comic Sans hater and taco lover, Jerry identifies himself as an aspiring designer, cook, and gamer. This natural-born foodie considers Mexican gastronomy his religion. ¡Otro carajillo por favor!

Ines Madrazo

Project Manager


Inés was born in Mexico City, grew up there with an international educational background and recently received her bachelor's degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. Although having experience in project management and leadership alignment, her move to Los Cabos shifted her career focus from strategic consultancy to real estate development.
Escaping from the office at the end of the work week, Inés spends most of her time surfing or breaking a sweat outdoors. She likes hanging out with people who get excited about the things she gets excited about. And right now, that’s anything and everything involving the Baja lifestyle. Inés is always keen to enjoy a cold beer with friends at any happening gig in town.
She also loves to travel, giving her the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and immerse herself completely into new and exciting cultures. Two of the integral pieces of foreign culture that interest her the most are sampling the local food and discovering their global music. As you can see, she works hard and plays hard!

Oscar Olivares



With over ten years professional experience and an MBA in finance, Oscar capably heads up the financial division of Artifex.

While skilled in financial and project management, he prefers to think “outside of the box” and instead of using just numbers and figures, Oscar converts this data into real and tangible projects.

When not in the office, he likes dancing, nautical activities and pursuing his latest passions for travel and the study of political history. Active and always staying busy, he thrives on tackling challenges and seeking out adrenaline adventures.

Paola Colunga

Office Manager


Paola is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico but spent most of her formative years in the capital city of La Paz B.C.S. Her childhood was idyllic, growing up in a warm and familiar environment and enjoying the relaxing lifestyle offered by this small town having daily contact with the ocean and desert landscape of Baja.

Her educational focus was Business Administration specializing in Organizational Development and, upon completion of her studies, recently began her professional career in the Real Estate industry.

In her free time she enjoys landscape photography and discovering new beaches or interesting places in town.

Pilar Jimenez

Marketing Manager


Over the last fifteen years and MBA in Marketing, Pilar has held posts as Marketing Director for different industries in Mexico City; highlighting the launch of new brands and profitability of products in various sectors of trans-national companies. Her passion is digital marketing and the strategic use of data for decision making.

Eager to accomplish her personal and professional goals, she moved to Los Cabos, B.C.S. two years ago with aspirations to fully immerse herself in the real estate business.

She is a Master of Numerology, having studied this field for the past five years, gets a little crazy singing karaoke with friends and family and is a lover of horror movies. On quiet evenings Pilar likes to spend her time reading books and watching Netflix and HBO´s series with her husband and daughter.

Polet Lastra



Polet was born and raised in Santa Rosalia, a mid-Baja mining town with a strong French influence, particularly in its architecture. With fond memories of her birthplace but being fiercely independent from an early age, Polet set out to find her fortune and traveled south to Los Cabos BCS.

She quickly discovered her passion for numbers and focused her career on becoming a public accountant. The projections and everything that numbers generate are, to her, of utmost importance for decision making; both personally and professionally. Numbers just make sense!

Having a very spiritual soul, Polet finds happiness in simple things. She believes that dreams are not merely fulfilled but need to be nurtured daily for them to materialize. This philosophy has allowed her to reach her goals successfully and will continue to shape her life moving forward.

Ramón Mejia



Ramon is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance. His focus is on the generation of crucial information necessary for decision making, he is extremely proactive and highly skilled at group management; always encouraging the growth and strengthening of the team.

Accountant by profession with a master’s degree in administration, Ramon is considered a modern and flexible accountant. He brings a strong vision for developing information systems for business intelligence and discipline within the internal controls of the company.
Originally from Baja California Sur, ever the globetrotter, and now firmly based in Los Cabos, Ramon found his passion helping young people both as a professor in universities as well as a volleyball coach. Active in the local sporting community, Ramon seeks to provide strong development and attainment of goals for young people, resulting in upstanding members of society.

Samara Ochoa

New Development Project Manager


Although Samara was born in the colonial city of Guadalajara, she spent her early years in the seaside town of Puerto Vallarta. Returning to Guadalajara 13 years later, she found herself longing for the ocean and a year and a half ago moved to Los Cabos in search of a good quality of life and a challenging career opportunity.

Samara proudly graduated from ITESO in Guadalajara with a degree in Business Administration. Sales and public relations initially have been her focus professionally but she has now taken on a management position for The Cape Residences project here in Cabo San Lucas

Samara is a big tennis fan and, although she started first playing at the age of 19, she quickly excelled in the sport and has participated in several tournaments at Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta and Cihuatlan. Tennis is a discipline that has led her to be both persistent and patient; not only in the game of tennis but also in life. 

Based out of San Jose del Cabo, BCS, Mexico, The Agency is a Luxury Real Estate brokerage, an independently owned and operated licensee of UMRO Realty Corp.


Los Cabos: Carr. Transpeninsular, Col. Cerro Colorado, C.P. 23405, San José Del Cabo, B.C.S.

Todos Santos: Bonifacio Topete, Centro, C.P. 23300 Todos Santos, B.C.S.

La Paz: Pichilingue La Paz, Col. Lomas de Palmira, C.P. 23010, La Paz, B.C.S.

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