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The Agency partners with the best in the business, taking a quality over quantity approach to building the team. This is how we’ve maintained our boutique feel, even as we’ve continued our global expansion. We work together as a community, constantly sharing resources, contacts and spheres of influence. Our agents are supported by dedicated administrative, marketing and tech teams so they may focus on what they do best—sell real estate. Our agents are also focused on giving back to the communities they call home by dedicating their time and efforts to charitable organizations and local-based philanthropic initiatives.



Adrienne Westfall


Renown in the Los Cabos community as a real estate closing expert, Adrienne has recently rejoined The Agency as Vice President of Sales, pulling from her multi-faceted background in the industry. Having been a founding member and a part of The Agency Los Cabos since its inception, Adrienne was welcomed back with open arms to continue building the company she set out to take to the top.


Bernardo Muciño Koenig


Few places in the world mix two cultures as completely as Los Cabos. We share languages, currencies, and customs almost seamlessly. Growing up between Mexico City and Beverly Hills, fully bilingual and bicultural, seems a premonition of Bernardo’s eventual choice to set his business here.

While researching Cabo’s booming real estate market for his masters dissertation in International Housing at The London School of Economics, Bernardo made the decision to move to Cabo.

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Denisse Paredes
Closing Coordinator

A native of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Denisse obtained her degree in Information Systems Engineering and then ventured on to work as a SAP systems consultant in Mexico City, part of the US and Europe.

When Denisse moved to Cabo, she quickly fell in love with the town and its people. Soon, Denisse explored the world of real estate closings and mortgages for foreigners in Mexico, and now has more than 10 years of experience in closings in Los Cabos and Cancun combined.  She loves her family time with her husband and daughter, spending Sundays at the beach, and enjoying lunch with friends.

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Elda Rodriguez
Office Manager

Born in Veracruz, but raised in the southern US, Elda set out to Los Cabos in her mid-twenties to discover what all the “buzz” was about, and found that Los Cabos is a charming, coveted and luxurious destination, in which she fell head over heels for.

Having a knack for organization, Elda shifted from hospitality and luxury travel professions to Real Estate, where she continues to offer an unparalleled service to clients and staff in an administrative environment.

When out and about, Elda loves to shop and try new restaurants. Having a love for cultural diversity, she also enjoys traveling to different countries, and hopes to mark off her bucket list the Seven Wonders of the World. Elda also enjoys a good book and listening to praise and worship music.

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Ines Madrazo

Inés was born in Mexico City, grew up there with an international educational background and recently received her bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Although having experience in project management and leadership alignment, her move to Los Cabos shifted her career focus from strategic consultancy to real estate development. Escaping from the office at the end of the work week, Inés spends most of her time surfing or breaking a sweat outdoors. She likes hanging out with people who get excited about the things she gets excited about. And right now, that’s anything and everything involving the Baja lifestyle. Inés is always keen to enjoy a cold beer with friends at any happening gig in town.
She also loves to travel, giving her the opportunity to step out of her comfort zone and immerse herself completely into new and exciting cultures. Two of the integral pieces of foreign culture that interest her the most are sampling the local food and discovering their global music. As you can see, she works hard and plays hard!

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Jerry playa
Jerry Rivera

Marketing super-hero Jerry has a passion for anything that pushes him into service, technology, and design trends. More than a decade in the hospitality and sales industries has taught him how creativity and innovation result in constant growth.

Passionate for new project development, commercialization, brand creation and digital market research; Jerry is fascinated by new concepts and out-of-the-box challenges.

Crazy about typography, Comic Sans hater and taco lover, Jerry identifies himself as an aspiring designer, cook, and gamer. This natural-born foodie considers Mexican gastronomy his religion. ¡Otro carajillo por favor!

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Laura García
Accounting Assistant

With San José del Cabo being Laura’s hometown – all her life, she first started her career in an accounting firm for three years where she learned to understand the operation of different businesses.

Laura recently joined the team in July of 2021 and is one that enjoys new challenges and experiences.

As someone who keeps busy, when able to take a break, Laura, likes to stroll down the beach, spend time with family and friends and visit new places.

Her goal in the future is to become an exceptional accountant with mass experience and be able to practice independently.

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Leslie Jacobo

Leslie is originally from Colima, Mexico. The first time she visited Baja California Sur, she fell in love with the turquoise blue of its beaches and came back to live in Los Cabos. She is a nature, sports, and animal lover.

Leslie studied marketing because she loves to keep up with trends and technology and see people’s needs as an opportunity to develop ideas.

She likes to read a good book in her free time, play video games, or go out for a beer with her friends. Leslie’s curiosities are that her favorite color is Pantone 15-0343; she studied ballet for ten years and basketball for three years.

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Paulina Ruiz

Paulina Ruiz Aguilar, proudly born and raised in San Jose del Cabo, joined the team in February of 2021. She has been working in real estate for over a year. She loves real estate because no transaction is the same, and every closing has its complexities.

She completed her studies as a lawyer at Universidad de la Salle Bajio in the state of Guanajuato. In the early stages of her career, she worked as a junior closing agent for a closing company, and this gave her the grounds to understand the real state world. What makes her pursue a career in real estate is that she can grow in two areas: a lawyer and a businesswoman.

Most of her free time, she enjoys spending it with family and friends.

She enjoys dancing, going to the beach, walking her dog Baloo, finding new restaurants, work-out, camping, watching sunsets and sunrises, and drawing.

Even though she grew up in Baja, she feels that she hasn’t still seen and explored all the marine life and mountains with the beautiful sceneries that Baja has to offer.

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Polet Lastra

Polet was born and raised in Santa Rosalia, a mid-Baja mining town with a strong French influence, particularly in its architecture. With fond memories of her birthplace but being fiercely independent from an early age, Polet set out to find her fortune and traveled south to Los Cabos BCS.

She quickly discovered her passion for numbers and focused her career on becoming a public accountant. The projections and everything that numbers generate are, to her, of utmost importance for decision making; both personally and professionally. Numbers just make sense!

Having a very spiritual soul, Polet finds happiness in simple things. She believes that dreams are not merely fulfilled but need to be nurtured daily for them to materialize. This philosophy has allowed her to reach her goals successfully and will continue to shape her life moving forward.

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