Did someone say grill station? Nothing reminds me more of Dad than a summer day, beer in hand while making the grill. If your husband, dad, or father figure loves to grill, they can be hard to shop for. Chances are they’ve already got all the gadgets and accessories they need to whip up incredibly flavorful[...]
He sido testigo de que La Paz ha ido cambiado, como en otros lugares, a veces lento y a veces rápido, otras veces en pausa, como dando un respiro a todo el ajetreo de lo nuevo. Serena y sencilla, aunque siempre hay mucho por hacer, conocer y descubrir. Pero eso sí, los básicos paceños nunca[...]
Imagine this headline on the front page of a major newspaper.  In jest, of course, but still one of the best ways to describe the interesting and unique architecture of Morada Escondida, nestled on the hillside in Todos Santos, Mexico. Just last year, Morada Escondida was recognized by ArchDaily Mexico announcing the Best Architecture Projects[...]
I had the privilege of knowing you at an early age. I remember driving from San José to Cabo San Lucas and having the best views of the Sea of Cortez. I remember my parents and their friends, leaving their jeeps at Palmilla beach, windows down, unlocked. Not a care in the world. You did[...]
In the far end region of the California peninsula – known as La Baja-, Cabo San Lucas sits to the south-west tip and San Jose del Cabo to the east, and both form what is commonly known as “Los Cabos”. These two towns are so unique and wonderful for their own qualities that calling them[...]
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