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An entrepreneur at heart, Giovanni is always looking to lead the next exciting opportunity that comes his way.
He has excelled in the “art of the deal” from an early age and contributes much of his success to the mantra ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’, approaching each opportunity with integrity and passion.
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Dennis McErlean – Seller Villa La Estancia 2502
Villa la estancia 2502
Giovanni has maintained a presence at Villa La Estancia for as long as I’ve owned a unit there (bought in 2016, and also have served on the HOA Finance Committee since 2018).
In fact, while General Managers at VLE have come and gone, Giovanni has remained a steady presence. He and others started rental businesses (partnering with owners) just a few years after the internet came into its own.
Something that sets Giovanni apart from others is that he, himself, is a VLE owner and, in addition, he is active on the sales side. In essence, mining rental guests who might also be qualified buyers.
That is a value-add above and beyond facilitating a nightly rental, and the primary reason why I evolved to rent exclusively through him, with no offense intended toward anyone else who may offer similar rental services.
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Villa la Estancia 1808-1
March 8th 2023
We recently closed on a property at Villa la Estancia and we couldn’t be more excited! Giovanni and his team were engaged and instrumental in the process from the very beginning.
Giovanni spent hours explaining the process and walking us through every little detail from the very first call. Giovanni’s guidance and reassuring nature eased our concerns, taking our ownership from a simple dream to reality!

During the purchase process, Giovanni and his team were with us every step of the way, answering questions and following up with all involved stakeholders. His professionalism and expertise were off the charts!
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Villa La Estancia, Buyer Villa 1301- 3 & 4
An easy decision for us
February 9, 2022
After having previously purchased 1/4 fractional ownership in Villa 1301, it was an easy decision for us to purchase a second 1/4 ownership when Giovanni presented the opportunity to us, recently. Giovanni and his team made this second purchase even easier than the first and the Title Company was terrific to work with, too.
Giovanni not only represented the buyer and seller, he and his rental team continue to secure rentals with the same consistent professionalism and timely communication we have always enjoyed. We look forward to many years of friendship and future business with Giovanni and his team.
Villa La Estancia Buyers Villa 1204-2
K and Marge love you!
December 29, 2021
Once we decided that a Mexico Real Estate purchase was right for us, finding the right realtor whom we could trust became paramount.
Giovanni Giammarco’s name was continually mentioned by those we asked. We heard great things about him and his extensive experience in the local real estate market and the great reviews we read online helped earn our trust.
Being a Villa owner, himself, Giovanni has firsthand knowledge of the market, the resort, and the unique rules and real estate customs in the area which provided us with a great deal of confidence in our choice of realtor.
Giovanni is responsive. He dedicated a great deal of time to our real estate search, answering our questions and assisting us at every turn.
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Villa La Estancia, Sellers Villa 3201-2
It was invaluable to have Gio on our side
August 14, 2019
My husband Ralph and I met Giovanni Giammarco in 2007 when we first bought our quarter share of unit 3201.
We have known him throughout the time we have owned our unit and when it came time for us to consider selling our share we immediately thought of speaking to him about the process. We approached him during the annual homeowners meeting in January 2019 and decided to engage his services as our realtor.
He took the bull by the horns and immediately began the process. We are very fortunate in that one of our partners was interested in purchasing our quarter share.
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Villa La Estancia, Buyers Villa 3201-2
Thanks, Gio!
August 14, 2019
Having bought the Clinard’s share of villa 3201, I agree with both Gio and the Clinard’s that the purchase process was much more complex than it was when we bought our original quarter share. The rules and information required by Mexican authorities and the banks were far more extensive than years ago (and seemed to increase every few months). Clearly, sales still can be completed but patience is needed as is the help of somebody who has been through the process. Gio was great in keeping us informed, coordinating all the parties in the US and Mexico, and constantly moving the process forward. I don’t think the sale would have gone through without him. Thanks, Gio.
Buyer - Villa La Estancia 1301-3&4 - February 2022
"An easy decision for us"

After having previously purchased 1/4 fractional ownership in Villa La Estancia 1301, it was an easy decision for us to purchase a second 1/4 ownership when Giovanni presented the opportunity to us recently. Giovanni and his team made this second purchase even easier than the first, and the title company was terrific to work with, too.
Giovanni not only represented the buyer and seller, he and his team continue to secure rentals with the same consistent professionalism and timely communication we have always enjoyed. We look forward to many years of friendship and future business with Giovanni and his team.
Sellers - Villa La Estancia 3401 - July 2022
"Seller’s remorse"

I am writing as a former owner of an Oceanfront Penthouse Villa (3401) within the Villa La Estancia development located on Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas. At present, my wife Cheryl and I are managing through seller’s remorse as we were an owner from 2004 up until late spring 2022.
During this time, we experienced too many to count memorable family vacations while establishing lifetime friendships in Cabo.
Our continued ownership and ultimate property management of the villa was made possible by Giovanni Giammarco of “The Agency Los Cabos”. Giovanni proved to be a very talented, knowledgeable, and trustworthy /ethical real estate professional. Accordingly, we placed great trust in him and his team as they were retained for nearly ten years overseeing our property management activities with discretion. In fact, I often provided Gio with my proxy to attend and vote on HOA matters on our behalf. Gio’s on-property grounds team, led by private concierge Samantha, proved exceptional in managing our clients.
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Buyers - Villa La Estancia 3301
Villa La Estancia here we come! We are the proud new owners of Unit 3301. Giovanni represented both the buyer and the seller.
The panoramic oceanfront villa is truly a gem, sitting on the Sea of Cortez.
Giovanni’s ability to describe the property’s attributes and paint a picture of its beauty led us to purchase the unit sight unseen.
When we entered the unit for the first time, we fell in love with the view and quickly came up with the name we believe best describes it: “Hermosa Vista”.
Giovanni was a wealth of knowledge for us and made purchasing this stunning villa a simple and straightforward process. Given the intricacies of real estate transactions in Mexico, this was a truly herculean task.
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Buyer Villa La Estancia 3304-2
We had been coming to Villa La Estancia for years and finally decided to pursue becoming owners, and we are so happy we did! Giovanni and his team made the whole process far more accessible and less intimidating than we had expected. For that, we are so thankful, as we were pretty worried that purchasing real estate in another country would be a daunting task. Given Giovanni and his agency’s expertise and complete set of capabilities, they handled everything from the structure of the transaction to an early close, and they helped us stay on task every step of the way! Turning our dream of owning a piece of paradise at VLE into a reality was only possible with the help of Giovanni and his talented team. We would absolutely work with them again! Thank you for all that you do!
Seller Villa La Estancia 3304-2
I typically don’t write a review for anything or anyone, but the outstanding service I received from Giovanni Giammarco and his realty team at The Agency Los Cabos calls for an exception. For me, selling a property in Mexico is anticipated to be a very stressful process. Giovanni was candid, provided great feedback, helped explain clearly all details and was extremely responsive to every one of my questions, no matter how many (and I had many!!) or how small.

The re-sale real estate market in Cabo San Lucas is currently exceptionally difficult, however, Giovanni and his team made selling my villa at Villa La Estancia a smooth and pleasant experience. They knew exactly what to do at every step of the process and gave me excellent guidance along the way.
I would highly recommend Giovanni and his team at The Agency Los Cabos to anyone selling or buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas. He is the ultimate professional!
Seller Villa La Estancia 3401
We have been working seamlessly with Giovanni for years, so when the opportunity to sell our fractional condo and buy a full ownership unit arose, there was no doubt in our minds about selecting Gio and his team to represent us. Gio brings top-notch professionalism to the table each and every time! His experience, availability, attention to detail, and proactiveness are all the qualities we look for in a realtor, especially when it comes to purchasing foreign properties. His team made everything easy for us, including arranging all the logistics for the power of attorney. Gio always makes us feel as if we are his only clients even though we know he is super busy working with others as well. We highly recommend Giovanni and his team for all your real estate and rental needs.
Buyers - Villa La Estancia 1508
We love our newly purchased property at Villa La Estancia. Giovanni represented the seller (while we were the buyers). Despite who represented whom, we found him to be an able “adversary” - one that vigorously supported his client but was fair to the process. It is rare to become so impressed with the opposing party's agent that you engage their services directly. It was the loyalty he displayed to his client and his ability to make everyone feel heard that convinced us to retain his services and act as our rental agent and property manager. We are so pleased to say the relationship has proven beneficial. We would recommend Giovanni to anyone in need of a professional who places the client's needs at the forefront while acting with integrity and professionalism.
Buyers - Villa 3308-3
The ultimate professional!
June 28, 2023
After going to Cabo for the first time my wife and I fell in love with not only the Sea of Cortez, fine dining, and friendly people but also with the Villa la Estancia. Those that have experienced the spa, five-star restaurants, pools and private beach realize the absolute relaxation and tranquility that the resort holds. Before we even boarded our plane to return to Montana, we had contacted Giovanni and his team regarding potential ownership of a unit. My wife and I are very detail oriented and began to ask more questions (e.g. Regarding Mexican law, HOA bylaws, renting out the space, ect) than most agents would be willing to field yet Giovanni spent countless time researching each and every question and supplying us with as much information as we needed.
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Matt & Alyson
Villa 3307 & 3103
After years of visiting we became owners of multiple units  My family has been traveling to Cabo for vacations for the last 8 years. Almost every time we booked a room at Estancia using Giovanni and his team. Each stay was spectacular – hence the reason we kept coming back year after year. When we were here on vacation earlier this year with our two little boys, Giovanni put us in a ground floor unit for the first time. It was absolutely AMAZING for having little kids and it just so happened there was a 3 bedroom ground floor unit for sale. After telling Giovanni how much we loved Estancia and how much we loved the ground floor unit, we immediately began talking about the unit for sale. My wife and I were torn between a 2 bedroom or a 3 bedroom unit. We made extra trips down to Cabo so Giovanni could show us more units to make sure we were getting the best one for the family to enjoy and also as an investment. After all the deliberating, Giovanni helped us purchase TWO units that we absolutely love – one 3 bedroom unit and one 2 bedroom unit. 
I myself am an engineer with a very critical attention to detail. I had an enormous amount of questions going into this process from an ownership perspective and an investment perspective. I probably pinged Giovanni with hundreds of questions over the 1-2 months we were going through the process and he was able to promptly answer every single one, or point me in the direction of where I could find the answer. Giovanni was also the architect of a ‘soft close’ design that we used on each property so we could take possession prior to finalizing all the trust documents (which takes several months). This allowed us to start using and renting the properties in time for the busy holiday season, which was awesome! 
From an investment perspective Giovanni’s help with the Agency Los Cabos was invaluable. No one is more familiar with the Villas at La Estancia than he is, especially when it comes to the rates each room can achieve throughout the year, percentage occupancy, etc. What’s even better is Giovanni’s site draws the most traffic of any website for Cabo vacations and he was able to help us start renting our properties immediately. It has been four weeks since we soft-closed on our first property and only two weeks since soft-closing on the second property, and Giovanni has already helped us book more than a half dozen rentals over the next several months. He has a great team that has been working with him a long time – Samantha, Val, Dan, etc. and they all work seamlessly together through the booking process. There is no doubt in my mind that I would NOT have made these two investments if I didn’t have a solid understanding of the fundamental economics of each property…. and Giovanni is the only person who was able to help me understand that. 
I did my diligence and reached out to several other brokers as well, and it was clearly evident after conversations that Giovanni was the real deal and had the most knowledge about Estancia. I highly, highly recommend him to anyone looking at La Estancia for anything – whether it be vacationing, purchasing a second home, or an investment property. No one has more knowledge and foresight than Giovanni and his team and you will never regret using them for whatever endeavors you would like to pursue at Estancia! 
Couldn’t be happier! 
Mary Vaidya
Villa La Estancia 3308-3
Giovanni Giammarco and his team at The Agency Los Cabos listed our Condo for us in Cabo San Lucas Mexico at Villa La Estancia. We would recommend Giovanni & his team to represent you throughout the entire process of selling your home; at every showing, and walk thru, they were there to protect us and our interest even though he represented both seller and buyer. He and his expert team did an excellent job listing our condo and getting it quickly on the market. We were able to get an offer within a short amount of time and they helped usher it through the Mexican real estate process which is very confusing. Giovanni is very personable, easy to talk to, and can be reached at any time. He went above and beyond to obtain answers to every one of our questions and was reassuring and calming if any fears arose. If you are looking for a real estate agent, or rental company we can recommend Giovanni Giammarco without hesitation.
Mike and Jill Schrage sellers 3405- 1
March 2024 Giovanni Giammarco is an outstanding Real Estate agent to work with. He is a skilled listener and negotiator, with in-depth knowledge of the local markets. My husband and I listed our quarter share villa with him and his team. Although the buying market was slow, at no point did his dedication to selling the property waiver. Giovanni was never too busy to answer questions and offer good advice. He was available to us within minutes seven days a week. We are grateful for our experience!

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