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An entrepreneur at heart, Giovanni is always looking to lead the next exciting opportunity that comes his way.
He has excelled in the “art of the deal” from an early age and contributes much of his success to the mantra ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’, approaching each opportunity with integrity and passion.

When not on the bocce ball court, Giovanni enjoys family time and is often found coaching his son’s basketball team, providing piggy-back rides for his children or cruising the harbor in his boat, ‘Ba-da-Bing-Ba-da Boom’.

Between four children, three dogs, two businesses and his real estate clients, he’s always trying to keep one step ahead of the gray in his hair!

A villa owner in Cabo San Lucas for over 17 years, Giovanni has committed himself to assisting others in their search for the perfect home or lot and, as a newly confirmed Mexican Permanent Resident, he looks forward to the many adventures that await him here in Los Cabos.
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Buyers Villa La Estancia 1508
We love our newly purchased property at Villa La Estancia. Giovanni represented the seller (while we were the buyers). Despite who represented whom, we found him to be an able “adversary” - one that vigorously supported his client but was fair to the process. It is rare to become so impressed with the opposing party's agent that you engage their services directly. It was the loyalty he displayed to his client and his ability to make everyone feel heard that convinced us to retain his services and act as our rental agent and property manager. We are so pleased to say the relationship has proven beneficial. We would recommend Giovanni to anyone in need of a professional who places the client's needs at the forefront while acting with integrity and professionalism.
Villa La Estancia
We have been working seamlessly with Giovanni for years, so when the opportunity to sell our fractional condo and buy a full ownership unit arose, there was no doubt in our minds about selecting Gio and his team to represent us. Gio brings top-notch professionalism to the table each and every time! His experience, availability, attention to detail, and proactiveness are all the qualities we look for in a realtor, especially when it comes to purchasing foreign properties. His team made everything easy for us, including arranging all the logistics for the power of attorney. Gio always makes us feel as if we are his only clients even though we know he is super busy working with others as well. We highly recommend Giovanni and his team for all your real estate and rental needs.
Seller Villa La Estancia 3304-2
I typically don’t write a review for anything or anyone, but the outstanding service I received from Giovanni Giammarco and his realty team at The Agency Los Cabos calls for an exception. For me, selling a property in Mexico is anticipated to be a very stressful process. Giovanni was candid, provided great feedback, helped explain clearly all details and was extremely responsive to every one of my questions, no matter how many (and I had many!!) or how small. The re-sale real estate market in Cabo San Lucas is currently exceptionally difficult, however, Giovanni and his team made selling my villa at Villa La Estancia a smooth and pleasant experience. They knew exactly what to do at every step of the process and gave me excellent guidance along the way. I would highly recommend Giovanni and his team at The Agency Los Cabos to anyone selling or buying real estate in Cabo San Lucas. He is the ultimate professional!
Buyer Villa La Estancia 3304-2
We had been coming to Villa La Estancia for years and finally decided to pursue becoming owners, and we are so happy we did! Giovanni and his team made the whole process far more accessible and less intimidating than we had expected. For that, we are so thankful, as we were pretty worried that purchasing real estate in another country would be a daunting task. Given Giovanni and his agency’s expertise and complete set of capabilities, they handled everything from the structure of the transaction to an early close, and they helped us stay on task every step of the way! Turning our dream of owning a piece of paradise at VLE into a reality was only possible with the help of Giovanni and his talented team. We would absolutely work with them again! Thank you for all that you do!
Villa La Estancia 3301
We are the proud new owners of Unit 3301. Giovanni represented both the buyer and the seller. The panoramic oceanfront villa is truly a gem, sitting on the Sea of Cortez. Giovanni’s ability to describe the property’s attributes and paint a picture of its beauty led us to purchase the unit sight unseen. When we entered the unit for the first time, we fell in love with the view and quickly came up with the name we believe best describes it: “Hermosa Vista.” Giovanni was a wealth of knowledge for us and made purchasing this stunning villa a simple and straightforward process. Given the intricacies of real estate transactions in Mexico, this was a truly herculean task. Throughout identifying the property, negotiating the purchase agreement, preparing the escrow, and ultimately closing the transaction, we felt Giovanni was there with us every step. His attention to detail and his ability to share his expertise was much appreciated. We highly recommend Giovanni to anyone looking to purchase or sell property in Cabo San Lucas!

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