Summer is not over… So, what’s hot in Cabo? Cabo del Sol.

Cabo Del Sol began in 1985 when Baja pioneer Don Koll and financier and philanthropist, Robert Day partnered to purchase the property from Bud Parr and develop the 1,800-acre development.  This magical resort development sits on the ‘Golden Corridor’, a desert oasis on the southern tip of the Baja peninsula in Los Cabos—the Capes— where […]

All the world is a Stage

Is there anyone who does not love looking at model homes? A good model home will subtly fill you with the feeling of freshness, of moments waiting to happen, of possibility.  Maybe it is the soft nursery that has you longing for baby cuddles, the sleek office space that empowers you to pursue your career […]

Los Cabos Real Estate Rumble: 2020 vs. 2021

Sales comparison January to May of each year. On April 1, 2020, we went on lockdown here in Los Cabos, and there weren’t many people who anticipated the real estate boom we have seen since the summer of 2020. It was amazing how many people could travel to Los Cabos and buy a new home […]

This is why you need a Buyer’s agent in your life.

What is a Buyer’s Agent and how do you know if you found a good one? A Buyer’s Agent is a real estate professional who represents the buyer in the sale of a property. It is the person who is committed to making sure the buyer gets the best possible deal in the real estate […]

10 things you´ve got wrong about cabo

Like some foreign places, Mexico, including Los Cabos, has myths and assumptions, many of which may not be true. Living in Cabo, you hear a few of the same untrue statements being repeated over the years. Here are 10 things you may have wrong about Cabo.