Thousands of Dollars Lost in Cabo Real Estate

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Buyers beware! Investing in a property in Cabo is everybody’s dream. However, many Buyers are losing thousands of dollars by not working with a qualified real estate advisor or what is also known as a “Buyer´s rep.”. What many Buyers don´t realize is that using a qualified real estate advisor will not cost the Buyer […]

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Todos Santos – Pueblo Magico

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Todos Santos – Pueblo Magico   By Deborah Wallendorf   “The history of Todos Santos dates back to 1723 when the Jesuits came to establish a regional outpost  Mission. They chose Todos Santos because of the abundant water supply and favorable climate.”   They discovered Pericu, Cochise and Guaycura Indians living in the mountain areas surrounding what is now Todos Santos. Fast forward […]

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SURF’S UP! By Andreola Velleryd  Acapulquitos surf break, just in front of Cabo Surf Hotel is full of activity – surfers took to the water. From Tuesday the 8th of May to Friday the 11th annual Paskowitz Surf Camp, Surfers Healing, and Red Autismo paddled out together on tandem boards and caught super sweet waves. […]

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