No existe Planeta “B” – We Love Our City – Iniciativa de limpieza Global

Los cambios climáticos por los que nuestro planeta Tierra está pasando son innegables y no es necesario “quebrarnos la cabeza” en cómo podemos ayudarle. Las pequeñas acciones e iniciativas cuentan mucho, el momento es crítico y hasta el mínimo cambio en cómo cuidamos de nuestro macro-hogar, hace una gran diferencia.   El pasado Viernes 17 de Septiembre, The Agency llevó…

Time and Again

Time and again, dear reader, blog after blog, you are asked to envision your perfect dream home among all the Real Estate that Cabo San Lucas offers. You are presented with beautiful photos of Cabo that entice and, sometimes, beguile.  As humans, it is in our nature to dream and many of us DREAM BIG.

It is the Sun, sand, surf, temperate climate, and local cuisine that often act as the protagonist in these dreams.  We envision ourselves surrounded by the incomparable natural beauty of Cabo, carefree, enjoying all that the community and environs offer, such as exceptional restaurants and local bars, secluded beaches, or bustling nightlife in town. 

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