Special for Custom-Made Hospitality Projects

Imagine a place that could elicit an innermost desire to call it home without a shadow of a doubt. A place is so enamoring that whoever sets foot there will most likely want to build a custom-project, lavish ocean getaway from the ground up. That place could easily be Southern Baja. But along with an ideal vision of a master plan, finding a piece of land on which to build it is an absolute must. Following are a few of the options showcased by The Agency Los Cabos offers that are awaiting their ‘break ground’ moment.

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Buying a SPEC home in Cabo

A SPEC home is a house built with the intention of selling it for a profit, either as-is or with very minimal changes.  The builder completes the construction “speculating” that someone will buy it once it is complete.  In essence, a SPEC home is a move-in-ready home that a developer builds for an unspecified buyer, and traditionally it is constructed…

Mexican Wine?

Yep – there is such a thing.  Who knew?  Winemaking began in Mexico in the 16th century with vines exported from Europe. While there were indigenous grapes prior to the Spanish Conquest, the Spaniards found that Spanish grapevines did very well in Mexico.  Winemaking was originally prohibited in Mexico with the exception of wine for church purposes.  CHANGING TIMES Wine…

Artists In Cabo

When someone mentions Cabo, white sand beaches, golf, and margaritas are usually what come to mind, but it is all that and so much more. It recently has been getting accolades for its coastal cuisine, modern architecture, and there is a new wave of young artists popping up. These artists are extremely talented, bringing new perspectives to traditional Mexican Art…

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