A Whale of a Tale

A Whale of a Tale: Stepping into the lobby of The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, guests and residents are greeted by a magnificent grey whale sculpted from hundreds of individual pieces of driftwood salvaged from the beaches of Los Cabos after Hurricane Odile in 2014.


This unique piece of art was designed by Marcos Castro, a Mexican artist who uses symbolic elements found in local cultures to inspire and create his artworks. He also draws inspiration from nature, as evidenced in this captivating sculpture at the entrance to the hotel. Twice awarded with the Young Creators FONCA scholarships, Marcos has participated in various exhibitions and artist residencies including working with the Arróniz Gallery in Mexico City. This gallery focuses on creating opportunities for artists in Mexico and Latin America and exchanging pieces with other galleries worldwide to spread their culture and work A Whale of a Tale.

The residences at The Cape proudly feature Castro’s original art adorning the walls, each with a focus on life in the Sea of Cortez; the body of water that famed explorer Jacques Cousteau once called the “Aquarium of the World.”

From the vantage point of the spacious patios in each of The Cape residences, avid whale watchers can monitor the grey whale migration in the Sea of Cortez. From December to mid-April these magnificent creatures and their offspring travel to Los Cabos to frolic in the warm waters of the Baja before heading back north.

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