Looking for some fresh inspiration for your outdoor kitchen space? We’re going beyond basic countertops, grills, and dishwashers. Here are some new ideas for outdoor kitchen decor that you’ll definitely want to consider.

1.- Outdoor pizza oven.

Do you have family and friends who are pizza lovers? This will go down a storm with almost any visitors you have. Not only can everyone create their own pizza, they can also enjoy cooking them in the oven! All you’ll need to do is provide the ingredients and make sure everyone knows how to use the pizza oven safely.

In terms of decor, pizza ovens can look incredible in any outdoor kitchen space. Some of the pricier ovens are surrounded by brick, giving a very rustic feel to your backyard.

2.- Corrugated metal outdoor bar.

Picture your cooking or dining space covered by a sheet of corrugated metal above. It might sound strange at first, but there is something incredibly relaxing about hearing rain bounce off the metal sheet while you enjoy an evening meal outdoors! It also helps to give your space some more personality.

3.- Outdoor bar space next to a window.

This can be achieved pretty easily – all you need is a few bar stools and a table! Place a table right next to your kitchen window so you can serve drinks to your guests seated outdoors on the bar stools. Your outdoor bar will be perfect for guests to have a couple of drinks outside before heading across for their food.

4.- Add a retractable canopy to your outdoor kitchen.

Create a much more cozy space when you add a canopy over your outdoor cooking area. This gives you the flexibility to use the canopy when you want to keep cooking outside in bad weather.

5.- Add an island to your kitchen.

This has long been a popular choice for indoor kitchens, but why not add a stone island in your outdoor kitchen too? It gives you extra space to prepare meals and adds a nice focal point to your kitchen’s design.

Any other great ideas that we are missing? please share them in the comments below, thank you for reading.

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By The Agency Los Cabos, in collaboration with Jack Vale

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