Peach Fuzz: The Color of the Year’s Interior Design Effect

Pantone has announced their color of the year for 2024: “Peach Fuzz” (13-1023). It’s a soft mix of pink and orange, creating a warmth and peacefulness that looks great in many designs. In 2023, the color was a brighter pink (Viva Magenta), and designers can see that Peach Fuzz aligns with the previous theme while also setting a fresh trend for the new year.

2024 is a notable year because it is the 25th anniversary of Pantone’s annual selection of a Color of the year. We’ll see the color showing up in interior design, fashion runways, and a variety of collaborations around the world.

Emotions and Style of Peach Fuzz

Designers have spoken out in favor of this year’s color selection. Peach Fuzz resonates not only for design purposes, but it brings up an emotional response – offering a comforting, peaceful experience. At the same time, the color is invigorating and inspiring, making it a color that can be used in a variety of settings.

Many people agree that the versatility of Peach Fuzz is unique, especially because it can be used for creating a wide range of settings and moods. It taps into the complexity of human feeling and helps people go beyond the basic experiences.

Bright Hues and Calmer Pastels

Consider your project when choosing the hues and complementary colors. If you are looking to create a more energized and upbeat environment, then bright Peach Fuzz hues are the best option. On the other hand, softer pastels create a calming and relaxing vibe that works better in home and spa environments.

There are many complementary colors that can align with Peach Fuzz, such as blue, gray, and white. Also, consider how materials and textures affect the interior design. Natural fabrics look great, such as linen and cotton, especially when paired with the pastel shades. Glossy or metallic finishes can add the modern feel that can up-level the energy in the room.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when you are using the 2024 Color of the Year. There are many ways Peach Fuzz can be incorporated into design trends and styles, helping to bring your home or business spaces up to style.

Written by Becki Andrus

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