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Relax, Enjoy and Exist

If you need permission, let this be it:

It’s ok to simply ‘just be’ during this unprecedented time. You don’t need to improve. Rather get familiar with your thoughts, with who you are, what you love and where your passion lies. We’ve been gifted something we normally take for granted: TIME.

Use it to re-learn how to enjoy simply existing.

Although, being a real estate agent with @The Agency Los Cabos and restaurant owner of La Galeria and Rock and Brews seems chaotic, believe it or not I manage to juggle my time to be able to enjoy my two boys, hubby and still have some ‘me time’.

At the beginning of this quarantine it was difficult to slow down. When you are on a constant go, it’s not easy to just let go …and be.

I actually felt anxious, lost but most of all, pressured…but as the days have gone by, I have learned to enjoy and live in the present. There is no one way to experience the current situation. There is always something you started but didn’t finish, something you have wanted to learn but didn’t have the time or go ahead and call that friend you never have the time to call.

We are living in a time where our lives are fluctuating from one moment to the next but that is the reality of our new normal.

If you feel pressured to be grand during these hard times, release the pressure and simply exist. There is no right or wrong way to spend this self- isolation; there’s just as much value in reading a book for pleasure as there is in reading for self- improvement. There’s just as much joy to be found in taking a relaxing bath as there is trying to start a side hustle. If anything, people have become too good at trying to improve themselves, to the point where they have forgotten how to enjoy just existing.

Real estate continues to be an important part of my day. This new normal allows me to stay connected to my sellers and buyers and have the luxury of extra time to do so.

The world is stressful enough right now, there’s no need to put unwelcome pressure on yourself.
If isolation results in finally taking that moment to breathe, then just breathe, relax, enjoy a good glass of wine and be proud of the moment. Your moment.

Jessica Moreira


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