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The unique beachside towns that make up Los Cabos offer a wide range of waves for every type of surfer. From silky-long right pointbreaks to thick barrels, regardless of skill or style, there’s always a little something for everyone. And it doesn’t end there! Immerse yourself in the astonishing natural beauty the area has to offer and yet still enjoy the pampering of a luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo.

If this sounds irresistible, get ready! I have the perfect combination for you. Ride some of the best waves in an area smack dab in front of one of our favorite luxury resorts. The famous surf spot is called Monuments; an emblematic left in the middle of all the rights. Monuments has some of Cabo’s most un-crowded waves and is known for its fast picking sections where you can improve turns or maybe even aerials. And let’s not forget about a killer sunset session in front of Cabo San Lucas natural landmark, The Arch. That said, the challenging waves bring some of the most fun found in the area. Beware surfers, at low tide jagged rocks start to peek up from the ocean and it’s important to steer clear of the spiky sea urchins hugging the rocks. Not to worry, this signals time to take a break and walk from the beach into the stunningly beautiful resort, The Cape. The Cape caters to your every whim, whether it is enjoying their amazing accommodations, fine dining options, first-class spa or an unforgettable evening at The Rooftop, located at the highest point of the hotel overlooking the twinkling lights of Cabo San Lucas.

But there’s more surfing on the agenda! While planning your surf trip to Los Cabos there’s a good chance you’ve also heard of Zippers, The Rock and Old Man’s. All three are conveniently located in San Jose del Cabo, right off the main road. Pull off the highway at the lookout point “El Mirador” to watch the action and choose your spot. El Mirador is also where the local coconut vendor parks his truck every day and hawks refreshing coconut water and ice cream.

Expect more of a line-up for these three spots; although it’s worth the wait. Zippers is more of an intermediate-advanced level wave where you can progressively pick up extra speed. It is also a world-class wave where many tournaments are held, such as the Cabo Open Surf. Old Man’s is right up front on Acapulquito beach, a nice and easy, fun break.

So, if you are looking to indulge in a five-star luxury resort experience and a world-class wave then Los Cabos is just the spot for you. Ask me, I know!

Written by: Inés Madrazo

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