Two Cabo Father Day Stories

Celebrating Lew’s Father, Mr. Gallo.

As far back as I can remember my father was always looking for the perfect place to escape. He would take the family on day trips up to the mountains and we would spend the entire time looking at property for sale.

I would love to listen to him talk about what kind of house he would build and what he would do with the land. For years his dream was constant with being in a hilly forested area. Then in the late 1980’s my stepmother dragged him to Cabo San Lucas. Mexico was not a place on my father’s radar. It did not fit his romantic image of what his paradise looked like.

Then came Cabo. It was a stressful time in his life and Cabo was the first time in years that he felt completely relaxed. He isn’t sure if it was the fresh salty air, the great climate, white sand beaches, abundance of fresh seafood, or the margaritas but he was smitten. Within a few days of his trip he purchased a condo and Cabo San Lucas became his bi- yearly vacation spot for 20 years. To this day he says it was the best investment he ever made. It gave him 20 years of great memories with family and friends and sold it with a nice profit.

Celebrating Janet’s Father, Mr. Jensen.

I was intrigued when my dad and stepmom first came to Cabo in the late 1980’s as I had barely heard of the Baja except for when, on occasion, I watched Saturday sports on television and saw the Baja 1000 off-road race…
My Dad is a great tennis player, even at 86 years old – a big Danish man with a wingspan perfect for racquet sports. To this day, I run into people in Los Cabos who ask – “how is Helge? Is he still playing tennis?”

The old Fonatur golf and tennis club is located where Vidanta is now, in San Jose del Cabo. This club hosted a turkey tennis tournament each November (maybe it still does) and quickly became one of the annual highlights for the local tennis players and snowbirds alike. I remember my Dad winning the turkey more than once and being so stoked each time!

He ended up building a house just down the road on the street where I now live in San Jose del Cabo – I chuckle each time I drive by his old home on Paseo Finisterra thinking about him in his tennis attire walking back and forth to those courts! He remains an inspiration to this day still playing pickleball, tennis and golf. I miss him and would love to be spending this Father’s Day with him however Cabo will keep me here this year. Perhaps I will take in a round of golf in his honour!!

Lew Gallo The Agency Los Cabos

Lew Gallo


Janet Jensen


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Two Cabo Father Day Stories


Two Cabo Father Day Stories

As far back as I can remember my father was always looking for the perfect place to escape. He would …
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