1. You won’t regret it. 
  1. It’s Mexico!  The natives are genuinely kind, and you will love the local cultures. The blend of the old and the new, the incredible architectural influences from around the world, not to mention the culinary ones. This is what got me! 
  1. The climate is perfect, averaging 350 sunny days per year, which I can attest to.  
  1. It’s safe! Very safe, and you will sense the feeling everywhere you go.  
Old Lighthouse Hacienda Estate Lot 46 - Cabo San Lucas
Old Lighthouse Golf and Ocean Club
  1. The abundant choices of things to do:  Fish, golf, hike, bike, boat, beach (my favorite, the water is beautiful, and no seaweed). So how adventurous do you feel today? Take one of those crazy vehicles and go off-road. Or be a tourist and discover the fantastic towns all around. 
  1. The cost of living. It’s amazingly low. Whether you’re talking about avocados or real estate, the dollar goes a long way down here.  
Santa Maria Bay - Los Cabos
Santa Maria Bay – Los Cabos
  1. The hospitals and health care are excellent. Whatever preconceived notion you may have about it, you can dismiss it. 
  1. You will have an excellent choice of where to buy, all owning their vibe and unique characteristics. And all with good commonalities. Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, The East Cape, Todos Santos, La Paz and beyond.  
  1. Los Cabos is one of the last places where real estate is still appreciating, and the trajectory shows no signs of stopping for an exceptionally long time. 
  1. The International Airport makes Los Cabos so easy to get to. As Visit Los Cabos explains, there are more than 550 weekly flights from 40 destinations, connecting different places in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

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