I vividly remember the first time I heard about La Sierra de La Laguna, the mountain range located between Los Cabos and La Paz. My friend Carlos, 5th generation born and raised in Baja California Sur, shared with me tales of incredible experiences he had with friends and family in this special place. The stories varied from goblins and treasures hidden by pirates to wonderful waterfalls of crystalline waters and endemic gigantic trees that exist only in this region.

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Imagine a place where the weather is perfect, the food delicious, the neighbors are friendly, vast undeveloped land surrounded by ocean, desert, tropical palm trees and not so distant mountains. A place where time seems to slow down.

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DE-Clutter Now…it will help you sell

The biggest thing I try to stress to my sellers is to DE-CLUTTER all spaces. If an item is not used every day put it away neatly in a closet. The kitchen and bathrooms should be as clean and tidy as possible. It is not possible to use 50 different types of spices every day so stash them in a cupboard. 

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What to expect when buying Real Estate in Baja

By Jorge M. Conde, ESQ.

After the preliminary agreement has been signed, the closing agent (broker, attorney or real estate professional) will assist in the purchase process. Property title search, appraisals, finance approval, visual inspections, etc. are usually performed before the closing date.

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Exploring the deep blue of Los Cabos

The yearly whale migration along the coast of the Baja Peninsula is an attraction many people flock to yet few explore the wonders of Los Cabos from beneath the water. Where the cold currents of the Pacific Ocean meet the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez a vast array of marine life flourishes. For those with the curiosity to interact with wildlife in its natural environment, the Pelagic Safari is the perfect opportunity.

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Property owners in Mexico – Two annual dues 1

There are two annual fees to be paid in January for those who own property in Baja California Sur. Mexican property taxes are known as predial and like most other counties and municipalities these taxes are used to operate local governments. Similar to our north of the US – Mexican neighbours, there is a discount for paying the entire tax early; paying by the end of January you receive a 20% discount, February for a 15% discount, March a 10% discount and April, a 5% discount. 

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Thousands of Dollars Lost in Cabo Real Estate

Buyers beware! Investing in a property in Cabo is everybody’s dream. However, many Buyers are losing thousands of dollars by not working with a qualified real estate advisor or what is also known as a “Buyer´s rep.”. What many Buyers don´t realize is that using a qualified real estate advisor will not cost the Buyer a dime but rather save the Buyer thousands of dollars.

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Explore the Swimmable Beaches of Los Cabos

Explore the Swimmable Beaches of Los Cabos

If you love the beach, it’s time to add Los Cabos to your travel bucket list.

The swimmable beaches in Cabo are sensational destinations for travelers of all ages.

Located in the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula, Los Cabos has several great beaches worthy of exploring every day of the year. Warm weather year-round plus paradise-like views equal an amazing time, and Cabo definitely has that no matter where you stay.

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